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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Leah Reed
Viridian City (Trainer School)
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The clock would ring at 6:30 sharp, like it did every morning. However, more often than not, its obnoxious buzzing was in vain, the intended target was already awake. In the past few months, Leah had taken a shine to waking up insanely early, but insisted on keeping the alarm on, just in case. This morning was not one that would have required the safety net, the blonde having been up for almost an hour already. She’d been doing some last minute reading, although it was hardly necessary. By now, she could probably recite most of its content by memory.

Making the clock extra useless was her already being dressed, cleaned up and packed, the latter having been accomplished days ago. She simply sighed in annoyance when the buzzer went off, setting the hardcover on her desk and going to switch it off.

For Axel the Eevee though, the loud noise did have its purpose. Unlike Leah, the Pokémon tended to sleep in when left to his own vices. This was probably not the best day in indulge in extra slumber, considering its importance.

Today was the teenager’s first as a trainer. Actually, Leah intended on spending more time researching than anything else, but the label could still apply. Either way, it was day number one of her journey, one that had been anticipated. However, one couldn’t tell from looking at her now.

She was dressed in her typical attire, a snowy white shirt made a little livelier by the addition of red tipping the edge of the sleeves. Matching this was a short plaid skirt of identical colour, but her legs were covered by off black tights. Either way, Leah looked more like she was headed to study hall then out in the wilderness.

Her face didn’t show any signs of excitement, a typical “meh” was what most would see. A careful observer would note her hazel eyes were just a slightly bit brighter than usual, but that was the extent of visible enthusiasm.

Instead of returning to her reading, the girl placed a plain bookmark to keep her page, which was located around the middle of the hardcover. She proceeded to add it to her bag, which appeared full, but not stuffed. In fact, everything had been neatly organised, from extra clothes to water, each had its own place.

Actually, this level of neatness applied to her entire room. Already, the small bed had been made, carpet well vacuumed and surfaces spotless. “Don’t be such a Mankey,” her parents had often scolded, and as such, grew to keep her spaces clean. In fact, Leah was very much a perfectionist, which both served and harmed her depending on the situation.

Axel rolled lazily from his bed, earning an unimpressed glance from his trainer, who was brushing her head of already tidy hair. In fact, the brush was one of them few items still in need of packing, but was soon going to join the rest of Leah’s stuff. She continued to gaze at her her Eevee as he stretched, a sleepy glaze coating his eyes. No, waking up early was not his forte.

“We’re going soon,” she announced flatly, packing the last of her things. He gave her a sluggish nod, as if he’d only been half-listening.

Her destination was a very close walk, and Leah would have been too early had she not taken a detour. Walking the morning was supposedly good for one’s health, although getting a final look at everything was the intended goal. However, if anybody asked, they’d get the first point in a neutral tone and nothing more than that.

One thing of note had been a stray slingshot resting on a windowsill, obviously forgotten or abandoned by one of the other students here. Of course, the blonde barely gave it a second glance, although her Eevee seemed quite interested in the foreign item. Had he been taller, he probably would have claimed it for himself. After staring at the wooden object for a few moments, Axel was called over by his trainer and quite reluctantly left it behind.

Apart from that, Leah didn’t say anything. She was a little nervous, excited and eager to get going on the adventure of a lifetime. Of course, her face didn’t show any of these emotions; it was simply flat and devoid of sentiment. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody however, that’s how she usually carried herself. Anything else would have been stunning.

Axel was defiantly the more outward of the duo. He had moments of dumb curiosity, but was very conscious of his environment. Also, he was a bit of a pyro, as a result, was kept away from matches. That’s right, despite being a quadrupedal Pokémon; he was quite capable of using matches and even lighters.

Finally, they reached their target, the dining hall. It was a fairly large space, and Leah glanced around the room. There were already a few other students present, although it didn’t seem like there were too many interactions taking place. Although the blonde did recognise a few of them, none were actually known. Being anti-social, she made sure to pick a seat a bit off from the main hub, but close enough to be in speaking range.

Apart from the others, the girl had also noticed a distinct lack of the Defensive Master. She didn’t really care about waiting, despite wanting to get going.

Axel, on the other hand, was a little annoyed at being made to wait. Without being invited, he hopped onto the seat, poking his head over the table. He let out a low sound, eyeing the doors, as if waiting for someone to come in.

“Settle down,” Leah stated, noticing the Eevee’s posture had changed. She couldn’t always read him too well, but when he got like this, he was an open book. In response, he simply eyed her before slumping back, still not impressed. Sometimes, Axel didn’t understand his trainer, although her reactions tended to be predictable. He hadn’t been her Pokémon for very long, but enough time had lapsed to grasp her typical behavior. Still, she remained difficult to read, unless being a monotone jerk was her true character all along. Somehow though, the Eevee doubted that much. She was too involved with school work and stuff to be truly lacking emotively.

“Well, what are we waiting for?" The sound of the familiar voice attracted the attention of those in the room. It was Max, the late Defensive Master. At first, the only real reaction had been shuffling, most preparing to embark on their adventures.

"Good question. What ARE we waiting for? A Defensive Master, obviously, which you have been appointed to! So, what were we waiting for you to finish?!" Someone ended up snapping, clearly unhappy with having to wait. It had been about fifteen minutes since the intended meet time, although it had done nothing to rattle Leah.

“Calm down – the more time we have to prepare, the more likely we are to succeed.” Another responded, most truthfully. The blonde didn’t respond in any way though, simply getting her bag in hand, waiting for the next move.

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