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Default Re: [IA] A Werewolf in Lilycove

> Since it asked, explain your situation to the creature, but be cautios in case it knows something.
GAMMA: Well, I only came to this area recently. I... lost my memory.
???: Well that is just too bad.
GAMMA: I woke up on a neighboring island and came here.
???: ...
> Just cause you're curious, ask what it is that's inside the mountain.
GAMMA: Since you're a local, you know what's up there, right?
???: ...Yeah. And I know you'd be right to keep your furry ass away if you plan on keeping it attached to the rest of your body.
GAMMA: Can you at least tell me what it is?
???: What they are. There's two monsters in there, and they-- get in the water.
GAMMA: What?
???: Get in the water!

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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