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Default Re: Which country do you think is the most civilized

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
It is unfair to dictate which country is more "civilized" when everyone relies on everyone else. Borders are gradually disappearing as the world economy grows and humanity develops one diffused culture.
No it isn't. Just because some country has some kind of provisional item that another doesn't, doesn't make them equally as civilized. Also, just because one country has citizens that were born in other countries doesn't make it as civilized as the others. And it doesn't make it "unfair" to argue that one is more civilized.

And what's this about border's disappearing? That's sure to never happen. And if it does it'll be on a very small scale, rather than a collective merging of countries. Just saying that out loud shows how silly this sounds. Did you mean economic or demographic borders? Hope not, because international trade has existed for an extreme long time, and so has immigration.

I'd argue that what you just said is a far more "ridiculous" statement than what the first post asked.
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