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Default Re: The Pokemon Development Facilty [OPEN]

Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Abusing final discount.

[Virgo] Gothitelle (F)
Ability: Shadow Tag
Obtained: Here
Evolved: Here
Signature Move: None

Tutored Move: Cosmic Power

Reasoning: Gothitelle are psychics, like a fair number of users of this move. The main thing, however, that unifies users of the move is a connection with celestial bodies. Gothitelle has a similar connection, being able to not only project starry skies from thousands of light years away, but also they are able to predict the future using the stars. It's definitely a stronger connection to the night sky than Sigilyph has.

$28-($21/2) = $28-$11 = $17
Can't see why you would use a Gothitelle, but whatever! I give this my blessing.
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