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Default [GAME] Three Word Story


Welcome to the Three Word Story! You have entered a domain wherein imagination, creativity and writing prowess can be honed.

Graceful_Suicune has permitted this thread. :3

Aim of the game:

The aim of the game is to write a story collaboratively with your fellow forum members. However, instead of going wild with your keyboard, you are restricted to adding three words with every post. How the story goes with your three words is completely up to you, although try to keep it serious so we can write an enjoyable, readable story together.

Before every story, a theme will be posted. It is advised the story follows the theme as best as possible.

The story ends when the words 'This story ends' are added onto the end of the last post. From there, the member that ended the story may suggest the next theme and begin the next story.

  • Upon each post, members must add an extra three words to the story. They may add any punctuation they wish, including paragraphs.
  • If you have already contributed to the thread, you must let at least 3 users contribute before you can post again.
  • To add the next three words, copy and paste the above post and add your words to it. Feel free to correct any grammar or mispellings along the way.
  • Any questions about the game shall be PM'd or VM'd to me. The thread will contain merely new posts for the story. Frequently asked questions will be elaborated upon in this section as they are asked.
  • The story ends once a member adds 'This story ends' to the end of the story. This can occur whenever a member deems it fitting.
  • The person who ends a story may start a new one.
  • Whoever starts a story must suggest a theme for the story to stick to. Members are expected to help the story follow this theme.

Example posts:

Originally Posted by Poster 1
We opened the
Originally Posted by Poster 2
We opened the treasure chest quietly.
Originally Posted by Poster 3
We opened the treasure chest quietly. Inside, it contained
And so on.

Ready? Let's begin!:

Theme: Forgiveness

I looked at

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