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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

((OoC: I really wanted to wait for Eternal Moonlight or Kamikaze to post, but I think that I really need to post this before they do. After this I will wait a couple posts before responding again.))

Agana Lilith
Agana's Inn, Skyspire
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Brainiac (Corbin); Kamikaze (Darios)
Before Amber had the chance to answer her question, Agana notice Corbin turning the corner from the hall that lead to the upstairs rooms. She was surprised that it had already been three hours, but it was also possible he came down early. She wasn't really keeping track of the time when working the bar. It didn't take long for the other mage to spot their group near the bar and walk up to them. He also seemed to notice the empty table next to them since she and the other two were still standing.

"Mind if I sit down?" Corbin asked, but didn't seem to wait for an answer before taking an empty seat. Agana did not like the feeling she was now getting. "I have a bit of a confession to make. Iím a Mage, and that is probably the least remarkable thing about my life at the moment. On top of that, I am something of a novelty for being chosen by one of the Sacred Beasts to help guide the world through the terrible conflicts it now faces."

Agana's eyes widened. She quickly looked over all the customers in her bar, and she saw something she did not want to see. There were knights not far away. And by how they were acting she could tell they were still sober. Another group of knights were also present, but the second had more to drink so were a little drunk. But still, this was not a conversation she wanted to have out in the public area of the tavern. But before she could voice this, the Guardian mage continued.

"Agana, I know you are a Mage, and I have my suspicions about the two of you as well. I have been tasked by Feng-Huang with motivating the Mages to prepare for the struggles Drakon will bring. I am to see that we become a free nation before the closing of the games."

Again the older mage was getting a bad feeling. Not only had she not heard of a Sacred Beast actively trying to get its Guardian to do something like this, but also it seems like the word "mage" was being said too much. She noticed that the group of sober knights were now looking at her group through the corner of their eyes. Luckily the charms, runes, and talismans she had throughout the tavern were able to cancel out the ones the knights used to track mages, but that did not mean that it was safe to admit to being a magic user or talk about them in Guard's presence. Also with the idea of freeing the mages by the end of the games was an unrealistic goal. Even with a Guardian leading them, it would not happen. Agana had lived too many lifetimes to know that an idea like that would not be able to be completed within a couple weeks, or even month, but most likely take years.

"We have a perfect opportunity now, with the games taking place, to make this happen without dramatic loss of life, if we do things right. We were given these abilities for a purpose, and that purpose most certainly wasnít to hide from the Monarchy while humanity is subjugated to the whims of a single jealous God. We need to stand up, to unite while we still have a chance. If we donít, this world will lose its chance." That was something Agana could agree with, at least. "This is dangerous, difficult material to consider. I would not think less of any of you if you decided the risks were too great. But I know that, together, we can do this." A moments pause to let everything sink in. "So, whoís in?"

Agana looked at the sober knights again. Luckily she recognized one, and she seemed to send her comrades away after they helped get the drunken ones out. For this the redheaded woman was grateful, but noticed the silver haired female knight remained at the table. She knew that the armored woman could hear the conversation even if the others did not. Ignoring the blue gaze from the corner of the other woman's eye for now, she turned back to Corbin with a crimson glare. She placed her hands on the table surface and leaned over it, as if giving herself another moment to think carefully of her next words.

"You are lucky right now," she said in a low voice, making sure that no one other than the knight at the next table heard. Not much she could do about the other woman overhearing anyway. "With that kind of talk in here, you wouldn't be the only one in trouble. I have a reputation, and you could have easily closed me down and got me arrested. If you wanted to talk about this, you should have said you wanted to talk in private. I do have a conference room we could have used. Next time, think carefully before you talk about plans like that in my business."

As she spoke she felt her canines lengthen. It was the vampire blood in her. When she was angered her canines tended to turn into fangs, even if she no longer fed on blood. Her voice also got a little deeper. This was a side she rarely showed. She rarely needed it. But this threatened the image she made for herself. This could have ruined her business. It took her years to get where she is, to be able to hide her magic even with knights having the tracking charms. She could manipulate magic in the presence of one now an the rune would not alert to her powers. It wasn't unknown that she had sympathy for the mages, but if the monarchy found out that she was not only one but aided them in escaping and hiding, everything would be ruined. She could just not have that.

With a heavy sigh she took a step back from the table and went back to the bar without another word. She was complete business now, no longer having the friendly and flirty aura around her. She stepped behind the bar and poured a shot of the hardest liquor this tavern had. It might not actually affect her thanks to her race, but at least it would calm her down. It was after the shot did she notice the knight approaching. Still in complete armor, this woman demanded respect without even saying a word. And Agana knew that she deserved it.

"Captain," she greeted, knowing that this woman was none other than a Captain of the Monarch's Guard.
((OoC: Yay for more NPCs and a cliffy! And Agana got promoted to PC so she's no longer a NPC, just so y'all know. And I promise to introduce Taro in to my next post. I can only guess that some of you have been waiting for one of our main antagonists to make his appearance.))
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