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Default [WAR XI] URPG Section: Week 5


I’ve decided I’m going to make this very simple for you guys. No long drawn out introduction or anything I would usually do. Here is the breakdown for awarding points.

Total Points Allotted to URPG Section: 4
2 points for the Team with the most wins each week. Obviously, this counts as more points because WAR is all about Team work and participation.
2 points to the Team with the most wins from a single competitor

Each week will have a different set of rules. In order to have a battle count towards WAR, you must use those rules. Occasionally, I may add supplementary rules or challenges that could offer extra points per battle, e.g. Battle occurs with X supplementary rule, the winner is counted for 2 wins as opposed to the normal 1. Nothing too complicated going on here.

Note: Battlers do not post here. Only the ref of each battle posts here to log and I post here. Don't post here with questions, just contact me.

For the Refs, you should already know how to log a battle, so I'm not going to insult your intelligence by posting an example. Just make sure it is very clear in each log which WAR team each participant is a member of and which team gets a point.


Total URPG Points by Team:

NSSF - 10
GUN - 6
RU -
. -
PL -
EE -

Total Individual Points:

WTP - 3
BumbleBee - 2
Roulette - 1
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