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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye


<How long has it been since our worlds fused now? Two years?>

<Yes. Us beings known as Pokemon clashed into your Land of Gods, the creatures known as Digimon crashed into a great land where the Celestrians rule, and altogether those four realities crashed together into a new world>

<Ah yes. Thank you, Mewtwo>

<You're quite welcome, Athena.>

<And already the peoples of each world are talking with each other, learning from each other>

<Remember, however, that there is a problem with this entire set-up>

<And what is that?>

<With so many supposed all-powerful deities, monsters, and such, there's always going to be a war>

<There has to be times of peace. There are always lulls between the fighting>

<True, there will be lulls. But look at all of us. There are gods, Pokemon, Slimes, giant fire breathing dragons on all sides. We're all so different. Difference sparks suspicion. Suspicion sparks hostility. Hostility sparks violence. Violence sparks war>

<There has to be a long-term peace at some point. There will be, eventually>

<Oh, Goddess of Knowledge, you know so much, but at the same time so little>

* * *

Ventri's chocolate-colored spikes bristled, as deep black eyes closed in frustration. His claws were moving, animated in anticipation of the failure that was expected, hearing the ice melt, his sharp ears listening as the frozen liquid cracked as the flames licked it, destroyed it. The Sandslash opened his eyes once again, looking at the puddle just on the other side of the glass wall, small water droplets falling off the small stone table. He turned towards the creature that had shot the fire. It was an orange dragon, its stomach cream, its wings dark blue. The tip of its tail was on fire, but it did not hurt it, on the contrary if it went out the creature would be severely weakened, even die. Its head was horned, and there was a look of disappointment on its face. A Charizard, and she had just used a Flamethrower attack on the hunk of ice for the experiment.

“It didn't work, Ventri,” the Charizard said, coming out of the stone-walled room to the wooden main lab.

“I know, Litai,” the Sandslash replied, “How many more enchantments do we have left?”

“Around 14,” Litai said, opening the Egyptian spell scroll they were using, “And we're already pretty tired. I don't think we'll be able to use another if we fail again.”

Ventri sighed, “What's our best option?”

He watched as the Charizard looked carefully at the hundreds of spells in the scroll, muttering inaudibly, sometimes growling, and finally pointed at a small hieroglyph near the end.

“This,” she said, “Apparently its a fire protection spell, the third in this scroll,” she looked up at her friend, “I don't know, Ventri. We've been at this all week, and not one spell has worked. I'm starting to think we got a phony.”

“Why?” the Sandslash replied, “There's absolutely no reason for it to be a fraud.”

“Ventri the Sandslash,” Litai said with a laugh, “Always trying to find the good in everything, even to the point of naivety. Trust me, friend, that scroll you bought was from a traveling Ogremon. And don't think I didn't see you,” at this, she put up her hand to silence the protesting Pokemon, “I was there, nearby, watching you. Where did this Ogremon say he was from?”

“Athens,” Ventri said, his black eyes squinted in defense.

“They all do,” the Charizard snorted, “How long have you been here, at Angel Falls? The entire two years? You've been a fool for that.”

“I haven't been a fool,” the Sandslash hissed, “I've been researching the pure waters here, seeing their resistance to heat when frozen, its healing properties... it could be a big help.”

“And while you've been doing that,” the Charizard replied, “I've been flying across, finding new places, new friends. There's Erinn at Stornway, who's very easy to get long with, and Stornway's only a day walk from here. But still you refuse to leave this boring little village, shunned even by the priests!”

Ventri was now hissing quietly, as the words Litai shouted at him went into his stomach, and burned. The Sandslash knew he should go explore the world, find new things, but he was so much a homebody. Angel Falls had been his only other home he knew of, after the Great Fusion, in which his old home, the deserts of Orre, had been destroyed. As a result, he made the pretty little village his home, quickly building a house in the short two years and studying the water.

“Face it, Ventri,” Litai said, “back in Orre you were one of the most respected individuals, even if you were a hermit,” the Charizard watched her friend hiss more, “But now you're just another victim of the Fusion. And victim you will be, with Tartarus weakening.”

“Get out, Litai,” the Sandslash said, quietly, barely concealing his rage, “Go home. We've done enough work for today.

Litai looked at Ventri with a look of pity, anger, and above all disappointment. Then she turned around and went out the door, flying away.

Ventri knew she would go to her small home on top of the waterfall, a tiny cave that she could barely fit in.

The Sandslash knew that he shouldn't have lost his temper like he did. A deep lump had already developed in his chest. He decided to apologize to her, but it was night out now. He and Litai had been worked far into the night. The yellow Pokemon decided to go to bed. Leaving the lit-up house he had just been in, he headed towards his home next to the inn.

He was almost at the house, a small shed practically, with a simple pillow for a bed. It wasn't illuminated at all, as it was made of wood, and the ground was very dry. The windows had no glass, and the door was only a large bark face torn from a tree, hammered strategically into the house.

Ventri walked into the house, sighing heavily, as the weight in his chest had deepened into an almost unbearable burden. Closing the door, he had too much on his mind to notice the hot breath, the hissing, behind his back.
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