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Default Re: Pokemon X Kingdom Hearts ( total redux)

I will start with Vody.
(Note: The three heroes will only one catch Pokemon in each Disney-based world, and their teams will rotate depending on each world.)
Prologue for Vody

Vody has been having trouble trying to contain the darkness in his heart, and sincerely hopes that this Arceus-given mission will help him.

He has Blue hair and blue eyes, and has a somewhat muscular build.

He, like his two friends, is 18 years old. He saved his Oshawott from a dangerous encounter with a Sharpedo in the ocean near his house in Aquaticcus Town, and the two have become great friends.

Chapter One: Destati

Vody is dreaming, and Oshawott is apparently having exactly the same dream.

"Vody... I have chosen you for a mission to save this world." A godlike voice boomed.
"Oshawott? Osha Oshawott Wott!" Oshawott asked (Translation: Who's there? And why are you in our hearts?!)
"It is I... Arceus! Vody, you and your Oshawott have been chosen to investigate some dimensional disturbances. There are creatures called Heartless, which are horrible beings, made of the darkness from the hearts of Pokemon and people alike. You must find each dimensional disturbance, and go into the world each one leads to! Vody! Your Pokemon alone will not be able to face the Heartless! Use the Keyblade!" Arceus said in the same booming voice.
A blue Keyblade appeared in Vody's hand, with tribal markings on the handle, a seashell-like keychain, and a blade that looked like an ocean wave. This Keyblade was called Low Tide.
"Arceus... I don't understand!" Vody shouted.
Arceus did not respond.

Two Shadow species Heartless appeared out of the darkness.

"Those are Heartless! Oshawott, you take one, I'll take the other!" Vody yelled, charging at one of the Heartless.
"Osh!" (Translation "Got it!") Oshawott replied, instinctively using Razor Shell on the first Heartless, destroying it with two slices from its scalchop.
Vody defeated the Heartless that he was facing shortly after.

The blue platform the two partners were standing on shattered, and they both woke up screaming.

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