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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

OOC: EDITED: So, yeah, Corbin added in as well.

RPers involved:
None (yet)

“Suhail, come.”

The voice of master Thaylen floated across the house. Suhail immediately left the remaining pile of unwashed clothing behind and hurried through the modest home. As always, he refused the well of power inside begging him to take hold and move with inhuman speed to complete the task. Master Thaylen didn’t know he was a mage. He had been here in Lakeshire with Master Thaylen for three weeks now. He had already started seeing the signs that it wouldn’t be much longer.

He stopped by the front entrance, silent, and bowed quickly to Master Thaylen. It was only then that he noticed how distraught he looked. His eyes and face were red and he was breathing in ragged gasps. Immediately Suhail’s blood began racing. There was trouble. His hand itched for the blade that he knew would appear in a heartbeat if he asked it to. He fought the impulse back, just as he had every other time. He hadn’t held the Soul Blade in over four years. It would not help him avoid conflict. A tool like that could only spawn death and destruction.

“Suhail,” he gasped, “They’ve taken her, what am I going to do?”

He stayed silent, waiting for an order. He fought back his questions, fought back curiosity, and any desire to volunteer anything. It was the only safe way he knew.

Finally Thaylen seemed to shake himself out of a stupor, and looked solidly at Suhail.

“When you say you’ll obey me, you really mean anything,” he accused.

Suhail only nodded. He knew, somehow, what was coming. Not exactly what, of course, but he was going to be ordered to hurt people. Somehow, he always new.

“It’s Rose,” he said simply. “She’s a mage. We’ve been keeping it secret for about a year now. She doesn’t know how to control her power, and someone found out. They came for her.”

Suhail did not understand this land and their strange aversion to Magic. Why imprison someone for receiving a gift from the gods?

As Thaylen spoke, Suhail wished desperately he could pray to the god of peace that his Master would not ask the rash, desperate, impulsive question he feared was coming. He would not profane her sacred name with his Soulless desires, however. He was no longer worthy; he had no soul. He lived every day hoping only that at the end of his life he would perhaps be granted true extinction rather than be sent to whatever circle of agony would await the monsters who took away the sacred lives of others.

“Suhail, I want you to bring her back to me.”

Suhail’s mind froze, his body froze. He stopped breathing. It had come again, the terrible crossroads.

Yes Master,” he replied, then hurried out of the house before his Master could choose to be more specific. He almost wished for him to be, for the decisions to be taken out of Suhail’s hands, but he knew it was better this way.

There was only one simple question left Suhail needed to answer: Sneak the girl out without killing and reveal his ability to use magic, or slaughter whatever force stood in his way and keep his magic a secret. It was a terrible choice. Take lives now in the hope that a greater number may be protected by his master’s lack of knowledge, or save lives now and possibly endanger hundreds.

He hated himself, but he knew without even asking which path he would decide. He could not use his power. It was too dangerous. He dared not even summon his Soul Blade for the fighting he knew would come; the deaths would be too remarkable, too unexplainable.

His first task, then, was to get his hands on a weapon. It would make the battle more difficult, but of course it was nearly impossible for any battle to be won as easily as it could be with a Soul Blade. As he strode down the street towards the complex of buildings he knew housed Lakeshire’s small garrison, he grabbed a chair from someone’s doorway. It was an imperfect weapon, but it would give him an element of confusion until he began the fighting in earnest. He could get a proper club once he’d incapacitated a few soldiers.

He silently longed for a less prepared group of soldiers to have to face. These men were kept well paid and well equipped, which meant there were few poor enough to have clubs instead of swords. He hoped there was one with a club around when he found the girl. He did not want to use a sword; less of the men would live if he did.

As he wandered through the streets, he came to the building where it was commonly known those taken for wielding magic were kept. A quick sweep over the outside guards revealed no clubs. Perhaps he could get inside without a fight? He approached the trio of men standing in front of the door, holding the chair in a position that appeared non-threatening and awkward. He didn’t want them to think of it as a weapon.

Please sirs,” he started as they looked at him, only slightly suspicious. Thankfully he had been with Master Thaylen long enough that people knew who he belonged with, though as usual none knew exactly why.

“What?” One asked gruffly.

I’ve brought a chair for Mistress Rose. Master Thaylen wishes to offer her what little comfort he can before she is taken away.”

He looked at Suhail suspiciously, and then turned to the other two men. One shrugged uncaringly. The other stared at the ground, uncomfortable.

“Sorry, no can d-“

The chair smashed directly in his temple, knocking him instantly unconscious as the front-left leg was knocked loose. The other guards jumped in surprise but were both down before either could draw a weapon. Suhail pushed open the door, carrying with him only the backrest of the chair attached to the back pair of legs; the seat itself left outside with the front pair.

As he entered, he quickly shut the door behind him. It would not be long until those men outside were discovered and he would have to fight many more of them. He gritted his teeth against the guilt that sprang up within him, forcing it away. None of those men had been seriously damaged. The guilt came stronger. He knew they had been the lucky ones.

As a pair of men came down the short hallway to see why he was there, he shouted in frustration and flung his chair at them. It flew with exact precision, the two legs hitting the two men each squarely in the face, dropping them.

The monster had arrived.

Skyspire - Agana's Inn
RPers involved
: CM (Agana); Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Kamikaze (Darios)

Corbin walked out of the room, still trying to grasp the depth of what Feng wanted him to do. It had only been an hour.

<You just may be going crazy, Feng.>

<And you already are.>

Corbin smiled, the humor cutting through his slightly solemn mood and allowing him to detach himself from the task emotionally. He did not want to do it, the thing Feng was asking him to do.

He would do it. He did not want to, but he could see how it might be necessary. Even thinking it seemed crazy. He wondered how he would feel when he finally said it out loud.

Corbin walked down the hall toward the tavern. He heard the voices and the laughter. It was late, but there were always people where there were drinks, no matter the time of day.

When he walked into the room it was easy to spot Agana, and Amber was with her a well, which was a bit of a surprise. They were accompanied by a man, looked to be in his late 20’s. He was big, enough to be threatening no matter how peaceful his disposition might be. Bald and serious, he seemed harmless enough.

Corbin walked over, his usual smile on his face.

Mind if I sit down?” he asked before taking a seat and looking them all in the eyes, searching for something, something that spoke of strength, hope and determination.

Finally, he sighed and leaned back in his chair.

“I have a bit of a confession to make. I’m a Mage, and that is probably the least remarkable thing about my life at the moment. On top of that, I am something of a novelty for being chosen by one of the Sacred Beasts to help guide the world through the terrible conflicts it now faces.

“Agana, I know you are a Mage, and I have my suspicions about the two of you as well. I have been tasked by Feng-Huang with motivating the Mages to prepare for the struggles Drakon will bring. I am to see that we become a free nation before the closing of the games.”

<You know, it sounds even crazier when I say it out loud.>

<Keep talking.>

“We have a perfect opportunity now, with the games taking place, to make this happen without dramatic loss of life, if we do things right. We were given these abilities for a purpose, and that purpose most certainly wasn’t to hide from the Monarchy while humanity is subjugated to the whims of a single jealous God. We need to stand up, to unite while we still have a chance. If we don’t, this world will lose its chance.

This is dangerous, difficult material to consider. I would not think less of any of you if you decided the risks were too great. But I know that, together, we can do this.

So, who’s in?”

Corbin waited, not showing his anxiety as he did so. It would only make him look even more crazy after having made this random speech to almost perfect strangers.

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