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Default Willben20's Breeding Projects Center

Greetings, Welcome to my Breeding Projects Center, where I breed pokemon with specific movesets.

I shall create an egg move pokemon for each type from Bug to Water, these will be my primary, or 'Showcase' pokemon. Currently that list consists of only two, but that will change soon enough.

I will also do projects for other pokemon I like, outside the Showcase ones, which I will update when I have completed one.

You may request a specially bred pokemon. Specific Movesets, Genders, and Natures can be requested, but note, the more detailed the request, the longer it could take to get to you. I recommend you pick only three moves, I've often had issues when trying for a fourth egg move.

I will NOT breed until you get a Shiny, but, if a Shiny hatches and happens to match your request, then bonus for you, the price of the project will not go up because of it.

I do NOT do IV/EV training, if you want that, you may take the pokemon to one of the other threads on this forum. (But others might if they join this Thread)

If you wish to help out with the Breeding Projects, then please send me a PM. I'm mainly looking for IV/EV trainers, Traders (to determine the value of the Projects and exchange them for other valuable pokemon), and Additional Breeders (To make tough Projects go faster, or to have multiple projects at once)

All trades will be through my HeartGold Friend Code: 2323-1977-2090

NOTE: I only have 3rd and 4th Gen pokemon games, so your out of luck if you want a 5th gen egg move pokemon

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