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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Menora Silvanus, Mellony Silvanus, Celestine
North of Easthaven
ARPers: Kamikaze (Aldur, Ailith)
Menora quietly waited, just knowing that Aldur was communicating with his Beast. Nero then moved his head to rest it against the hunter's side, knowing that the tension was lifted and he could seek more contact with his human. However all attention was brought back to the white wolf as she shifted forms. The hunter wasn't surprised that Celestine had picked up on the druid since the blood mage's own wife was also a druid, so it wouldn't be that much of a surprise that she was sensitive to the magics used by druids.

"They are not as uncommon as one might think, if you know what to look for. Most have long since forgotten their humanity however, and will live out the remainder of their days in whatever form they had become too attached to. My name is Ailith," the mage spoke before she shifted her gaze to Menora and Nero. "It is quite a companion you have there, I have met direwolves before, but none his size, and none that earned my respect quite so easily. You can count yourself lucky to have him by your side."

Menora couldn't help but smile. "I do. He is not merely a pet. He's my friend, companion, partner, and most importantly family."

Mellony also smiled. "Probably because you two grew up together after Father gave Nero to you," she said to her sister.

"Now then, I believe it's time Sweetness and I introduce ourselves," Celestine spoke with a smile that was bordering on a smirk. "I'm Celestine, dearies. Pleased to meet you."

"My name's Mellony," the blond mage then added. "I'm Menora's sister."

"Are you two heading in any certain direction?" the hunter then asked. "We're heading to Skyspire to meet up with someone, and on my and Nero's part, to take part in the Games. If you're heading that way, we can travel together."
Agana Lilith
Agana's Inn, Skyspire
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Brainiac (Corbin); Kamikaze (Darios)
Agana led Amber and Corbin to their rooms on the second floor. She gave them rooms she felt they'd be comfortable in, not caring on the normal price they'd be. They were getting special treatment, she knew, but she did so for most mages. Plus she was the owner, so she could do whatever she wanted. Once out of the eye of the others, Alexa had yawned. The little girl was tired from their long journey from Midland Fortress. The pair was there recently to check on the tavern she had just started there. Agana picked the six-year-old up and took her to her private room on the that floor. She always had one room that was to never be rented out for when she'd stay in any of her buildings. Once the girl was put down she went back down to the tavern to work at the bar.

She knew that Corbin said he'd be down in a few hours, so what better way to spend the time than working? Agana loved her job and interacting with all the different people. She wasn't sure how long she was working, but she looked up to see a familiar face walk in. When the waitress that took his drink over came over to give it to Agana, she told the young woman that she'd take the drink over to him so she could take a little break. Once she poured it, she noticed that he was moving to greet Amber, who had just come down. She was certain that the younger druid would have gone to sleep, but perhaps she was also curious at to what Corbin might have to say. She lightly shook her head before leaving behind the bar with a tankard in hand, the drink she was to give to the gentlemen.

"Hi there, you look like you could use some company," she heard him say once she was close enough. "I'm a friend of Agana, the name is Darios."

Now she laughed at this. "Darios, you do realize how that sounds, don't you?" she teased, handing him his drink when she was standing next to him. "I have many friends, dear. And you know how my close companions would take what you said and take it out of context." With the teasing out of the way, Agana turned to the other druid. "Is there anything I can get for you, deary?"
Kai (NPC)
Underground, Southbay
ARPers: Winter (Anya)
Lost in the Underground base in Southbay was an elf. Because of her race she was shorter than most humans, but taller than the dwarves. She didn't quit stick out of the crowd like one would think, even with some of the bright colors she wore. She had black hair that was tied back in a low bun, her striking emerald eyes shining against the black ink that was tattooed on her face. She wore simple clothing, the colors being mainly browns, crimsons, and oranges. However she was kinda curled into herself as she looked around, trying to find her way. She almost resembled a lost kitten.

"Why did Kai have to get lost again?" she muttered to herself. "Even with Bellona giving her directions, Kai still gets lost."

Her constant companion, a dwarven warrior, had recently gotten injured and was advised to take it easy. But they still had a job to do, so the dwarf told Kai to go to the main conference area and see if anyone was also hired for the job, or would be in the area. They were to release the mages being held for transport to Midland. They weren't told to get any specific one out, so they'd just release them all. However before they could do so Bellona got into a bar brawl, so now she couldn't take part in the job.

Kai turned a corner, but ended up walking into a door. She was confused, but decided to go ahead and go in. She opened the door and came across a meeting. She blushed and suddenly became nervous.

"Kai's sorry!" she said quickly. "Kai was just looking for help to save the mages. Kai didn't mean to interrupt anything."
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