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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Really?" The annoyance was clear in ‘Klaus’s voice after Aiden blocked the hit, the red haired teen glaring at him as he walked around in front of him and put a finger on the end of the stake, slowly pressing against it. Aiden winced, but showed no other reaction to the pain in his chest. "Too bad you can't do anything to me since you know you'll hurt Kotomi." The giggle in Kotomi’s voice that came after his words made a chill go down everyone’s spines.

"This needs to end." The twins glanced over to Diana as she extended her hand toward Kotomi’s body, beginning to whisper something in Latin. Aiden, who had kept his gaze on Klaus, noticed a troubled look pass over his expression, bringing the red haired Vampire’s gaze to Diana as well as Klaus whirled around to look at her.

"You're trying to push me out of her body, aren't you?" He said in amusement. A few moments later however he began to cough, dropping to his knees as he looked at Diana in shock, along with Aiden and the twins.

"She's doing it." Ashley said in shock. A few more moments passed by before Kotomi's body suddenly collapsed to the floor, though no one dared to move at first as Diana fell silent and put her hand down. Her nose began to bleed just before she fell into Damon’s arms, although still conscious.

"This isn't over." Klaus' voice echoed throughout the house once more. "I will always be watching." Shortly after he had spoken, Kotomi opened her eyes and slowly sat up, bringing Ichiru, Kiseki, Ashley and Caroline to rush to her side.

"My head hurts..." The dark haired Vampire rubbed the side of her head.

"Klaus' spirit had possessed you." Lexi said as she joined the group.

"I know. I was pretty much awake for it. I knew what was happening, but I couldn't control my body." Kotomi responded.

"Wow..." Ashley said. "He tried to kill you, but Aiden had saved you." Kotomi looked over to Aiden then, and her eyes widened, most likely having seen the stake still wedged in his chest. The red haired teen was just about to pull it out himself right before she noticed him.

"Are you okay?" She asked as she quickly stood up and pulled the stake out, dropping it to the ground and placing her hand over the wound. Aiden gave a mere nod, not quite sure what to say in response. Normally he could just make a joke out of the situation, but the situation with Klaus had even him worried now.

Kotomi began to heal the wound, but was unable to finish. Aiden could easily tell when a dizzy spell came over her and opened his mouth to say something, but Stefan beat him to it.

"You need blood, Kotomi." He said, and the twins noticed Diana flinch, remembering that she hated Vampires - or had. They weren’t sure where she stood on the matter now.

Stefan used his Vampire speed to retrieve two blood pouches from the basement, handing them to Kotomi after returning upstairs. “Couch. Now." Kotomi sighed in response and walked over to the couch.

"You see why Diana needs to die? If her or her mother are out of the picture then Klaus can't come back." Rebekah said as she gave Diana a dark look, bringing the twins and even Aiden to scowl darkly in response.

"Like I said before. If you want her then you'll have to kill me first." Damon responded.

"Everyone just stop!" Isobel ordered as everyone looked at her. "It's obvious that we all want the same goals, so why not try working together? We'll be stronger if we all come together as one."

"Sorry, but we work alone." Finn said, then looking at Rebekah and Kol. "Let's just go back home and wait to talk about this tomorrow when we're all having a clearer head." The two siblings nodded, the trio then leaving the house.

"Our lives really suck." Damon sighed, then shifting his gaze to Diana. "Want me to take you home? You'll be safer at your house since Rebekah, Finn and Kol aren't able to enter it."

"Sure." Diana responded with a nod. "My parents have no idea that I snuck out though..."

"Then we'll just have to sneak you back in through the window." Damon answered with a shrug, to which Diana smiled.

"Sounds like a plan." The young Witch started toward the door as she wiped the blood from her nose, but her body suddenly swayed to the side, bringing Damon to catch her when she started to fall.

"It would be better if I carried you." He said as Diana nodded, the Vampire then scooping her up and leaving the house.

"Looks like they're getting along now." Ashley commented, then looking over to Aiden. "With Klaus back and those other Originals in town then we'll need all the people that we can get, and since we can actually trust you now after seeing you save Kotomi twice... do you want to stay here with us? I think that we would all feel a lot safer with an Original on our side."

The ginger simply looked at her for a moment as he healed the remainder of his wound on his own, surprised that they had accepted him so quickly. No one else in the room seemed to object - not even Ichiru, who, aside from Damon, had trusted him the least. Aiden had to admit that with four Originals against the group he was worried about them, and staying here would be best for easily protecting them.

“I guess… if it’s really no problem, I will.”
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