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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Eti Molo
Pallet Town
Residence to Viridian City Trainer School

Euck. Six AM start, again.

Groggily, I kneaded my eyes free of any ‘sleepy dust’, and sat myself upright. I passed a glance through the window; the weather didn’t seem too dreary. However, the temperature did not reflect my mood in that regard; I had to haul myself back to that place. It’d be fine if not for human interactions. I just wanted to learn about the world and Pokemon, be confirmed ready enough to go out on my adventure and then leave. But no, this couldn’t be the case. Once more I have to trundle myself into school with all the students that didn’t seem to have a freaking clue about other people, just their precious Pokemon. I let out a loud sigh. Things would get better, though. We do leave today, afterall.

I committed to the day’s morning routine; showering, eating, etc. After I had slipped on my jeans and shirt, I descended the stairs. My uncle and Helix were waiting for me in the kitchen. The atmosphere of the place seemed different, somehow, like it was no longer part of the place of where I lived. In a few hours, that’d be true, I suppose. I won’t be coming back here for a while.

“I’ve never seen you so eager for school before, Eti!” Trevor told me. I didn’t feel eager. Sure, I was looking forward to the journey, but not with those people. He was undoubtedly more excited than I was for this journey; he must have projected those emotions on to me.

“Yeah, I suppose so," I responded, taking a seat next to Helix at the kitchen table. “Are all my things packed?”

“I took the liberty of sorting everything out for you last night, buddy.” He plonked a pretty large looking dark blue rucksack onto the pine in front of me. “Clothes, toiletries, Pokemon paraphernalia, all the essentials are in that bag.”

“Thanks a bunch.” I stood up and attempted to lift the bag onto my back. It was lighter than it looked. I turned my attention to the Poliwag near to me. “Alright, you ready to go, Helix?”

Helix’s deep black eyes lit up. His blue skin looked newly moistened; Trevor must have bathed him whilst I was getting ready. The Tadpole Pokemon bounded off of the wooden chair, springing itself onto my shoulder with its powerful legs and tail. He pressed his soft pink lips to my cheek sweetly. He let out a cry, signalling that he was ready to go.

“Alright, let’s do this,” I told the room before progressing to the front door.

“Eti!” Trevor called to me before I set foot out into the wide world. He handed me my jacket; the dark blue material was softer than usual, it seemed. “Don't forget about this. Oh, and don’t forget that Helix still can’t walk properly, so carry Helix or have the little guy in his Poke Ball at all times outside of battle until he evolves! Oh, and make sure to dampen his skin every day with a wet cloth; I’ve put a cloth in your bag for you.”

“Oh, come on, Trevor, stop worrying.” I turned to him, a smug smirk on my face. “Helix and I have been pals for three years; I think I know my own partner by now.” I walked out the door and left.

The trek to Viridian everyday was a tiresome one. It took a good thirty minutes every day to travel from Pallet to school; it was a burden, but I got used to it after my first year at the Viridian Trainer School. The walk could be quite refreshing and relaxing at times too; there was always wildlife surrounding you, something that Helix seemed to appreciate after being taken out of his natural habitat in the Fuschia Safari Zone. The locals were quite friendly, too. From what I heard on TV, a few of them gave out items to aspiring trainers. I wonder if such a thing would happen to me on my journey; the future seemed so uncertain. To be honest, I probably shouldn’t complain about how tiring the distance between school and my house was; the journey itself would be far more tiring than any excursion to school would ever be.

Eventually, we made it to Viridian. The grass seemed greener here, compared to Pallet Town. I made my way to the entrance of the school. I could almost smell the presence of Pokemon that were soon to befall the room. I made my way to the dining hall, and took a seat at the very corner of the room, away from other student's interactions. Despite coming to this school for three years, I didn’t know a lot about the other students. There was a part of me hoping that they’d be nice, but deep down I knew they held undesirable characteristics just like everybody else I had encountered in my life. I sighed again.

“Well, after three years, we’re almost ready to set out and prove the world wrong,” I told Helix. He nodded at me in agreement, and we both waited for Max to show up. I looked at my watch. “Tch. Eight AM. Max must be running late.”

Eventually, he showed up. He said nothing more than ‘well, what are you waiting for?’ I rose to my feet, Helix still on my shoulders. It was time. We were about to begin our journey that we had planned for so long, for three years. Hopefully Dad would be proud of me.

OOG Information:
Link to Trainer Card: Coming soon.
Current Team: Helix (Poliwag | M) |
Summary: Eti has just set out on his journey with Helix, the Poliwag. He has made it to the Viridian Trainer School and is awaiting further instruction.
Character Count: 4017
Points Earned: 4
Points on Hand: 4
Thoughts: Wooooooo it's finally starting!

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