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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Agana's Inn, Skyspire
RPers involved: Kamikaze, Eternal Moonlight(Amber Greenwood)

"The first impression can never be made anew.
Likewise, words, once spoken, can never be unspoken,
deeds, once done, can never be undone.

Tread therefore with the utmost caution,
for in life you will get no second chance,
only the one that has already been given to you."

Darios hadn't been waiting long when he noticed the woman that had accompanied Agana enter the room. He was sitting at a table close to where she had come from, the rooms that this establishment offered he noted, and as she was looking around the room, he couldn't help but notice what seemed to be slight confusion in her face, or perhaps just indecisiveness. Judging by her clothes, and overall appearance, he figured that she was probably not too accustomed to being in the city. Lucky she found this place then. Agana is one of the few kind people in her business, at least here in Skyspire. He thought to himself.
There was something else too, he was fairly confident that she was a fellow mage, he had learned to distinguish that over the years, but there was something more to it, a familiarity that he couldn't quite place, though he knew he had never met her before.

He wasn't entirely sure why, but somehow he felt he should try to get to know this person, it could be that she was a practitioner of magic herself, though there were plenty of those around. More likely, he concluded, it was the familiarity that he couldn't quite place that intrigued him. He always was one for unraveling mysteries.
"Hi there, you look like you could use some company," He began, though realized how strange that might sound he added, "I'm a friend of Agana, the name is Darios."
In retrospect, it might not have been the best way to introduce oneself, but saying anything more now would only make it worse, he only hoped she wouldn't freak out.

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