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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Amber Greenwood
The streets of Skyspire
Affected RPers: CM (Agana, Alexa Silvanus (possibly)), Brainiac (Corbin), Kamikaze (Darios)

Amber thanked Agana, her voice tired but still cheerful none the less. She slowly closed the door behind her, making sure not to let it slam. Not only would it be needlessly rude (tonight was free, after all) but the loud noise would more likely than not provide a headache. That was best avoided.

The room was quite nice, actually. Her eyes found themselves locked onto the bed, however, as if that piece of furniture was calling out. It had been a horribly long time since the redhead last had slept in an actual bed instead of the ground or tree.

Lapis took to the air, flying a lap around the enclosed space before coming to rest on the coat hanger. Jade, on the other hand, simply stared at Amber, who had taken a seat, a small earthquake of wrinkles appearing in the sheets. She let out a small yawn, stretching out some. It was nice to finally get off her feet!

ďCanít even remember the last time we stayed in a room,Ē Amber started, talking more likely than not to her lynx, although her attention was now focused on the window. From her angle, it was hard to see outside, but it was easy to notice the curtains matched the blankets. It was quite nice, actually. She couldnít say it was better than the forest; however, maybe a bed in the woods would be best.

Her bizarre daydream was interrupted by a small meow, curtsy of Jade. It wasnít common for her to speak up, so Amber was a bit surprised to hear her.

ďYou donít like here?Ē she asked, although knew the animal couldnít understand words that much. It was tone of voice that made the difference. Being a druid specialist, however, probably helped communications a little.

The feline eyed the girlís hands, and then the door a few times before her gaze came to rest on the exit. Amber could tell the animal was trying to tell her something, but what was it? Usually a long look at her hands meant magic or fire, since snapping was how flame was controlled. But why link that to the door?

After a few moments, the mage decided maybe it was best to wait until morning to figure it out. Her mind was foggy and trying to decipher the message was getting grating. No point in continuing on that way.

In fact, going to sleep was probably the best of her options, although Corbinís words stopped her. Three hours, heíd said. She didnít know if that applied to her too, but decided it was better to go then not, especially if her presence had been intended.

Getting to meet new people wasnít something Amber did too often anymore, and it was nice being with others without the cartload of rules and guidelines that came with nobility. The redhead shook her head, why was she thinking so much of the past all of a sudden?

Either way, it probably hadnít been three hours, although staying here any longer would only tempt slumber. Plucking herself off the bed with a yawn, the young woman then started for the door. Lapis had fallen asleep on the hanger, but Jade eyed her curiously.

Amber expected the lynx to tail her, but was left shocked when she simply lay on the carpet, showing no interest in coming along. Weird, but it was good for the animal to get some rest after their long trek.

Leaving her room, the young woman locked it behind her, heading for the tavern. The mage had no intentions of drinking; a not-so-pleasant experience had taught her she wasnít very good at holding her alcohol. No point in suffering like that again.

Amber noticed the place wasnít terribly busy, but not empty either. She didnít know if sitting right away was so smart, seeing as how staying dry was her intention.

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