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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(lol awww thats okay XD)

The group watched in horror as the wooden stake began to race towards Kotomi's heart, but before they could react Aiden had shot forward with his Vampire speed and put himself between Kotomi's body and the deadly weapon. The group watched as it pierced Aiden and he saved Kotomi, the stake just barely missing the Original's heart.

"Really?" Klaus said in annoyance as he walked around Aiden's body and looked at him, putting a finger on the end of the stake and slowly pressing against it. "Too bad you can't do anything to me since you know you'll hurt Kotomi." Kotomi's voice made a giggle which sent chills down everyone's spines.

"This needs to end." Diana whispered as Damon looked at her. The young Witch extended her hand towards Kotomi's body, beginning to whisper something in Latin as the group looked at her. Klaus gave a troubled look, feeling that something was happening to Kotomi's body as he quickly turned around and looked at Diana.

"You're trying to push me out of her body, aren't you?" Klaus said in amusement. A few moments later however Klaus began to cough, dropping to his knees as he looked at Diana in shock; her spell was working.

"She's doing it." Ashley said in shock. A few more moments passed by before Kotomi's body suddenly collapsed to the floor, though no one moved at first as Diana stopped speaking and put her hand down. Her nose began to bleed as she felt lightheaded, falling into Damon's arms though remaining conscious.

"This isn't over." Klaus' voice suddenly ran through the house again. "I will always be watching." Klaus' spirit then left the house. Kotomi slowly opened her eyes and sat up, bringing both Ashley and Caroline to race to her side.

"My head hurts..." Kotomi said as she rubbed the side of her head.

"Klaus' spirit had possessed you." Lexi responded as she joined the small group.

"I know. I was pretty much awake for it. I knew what was happening, but I couldn't control my body." Kotomi said.

"Wow..." Ashley said. "He tried to kill you, but Aiden had saved you." Kotomi looked over to Aiden, though her eyes widened when seeing the stake in his chest, almost forgetting.

"Are you okay?" Kotomi asked as she quickly stood up and pulled the stake out, dropping it to the ground and placing her hand over the wound. She began to heal it but was unable to finish the process as she felt dizzy again, doing her best to steady herself.

"You need blood, Kotomi." Stefan said, bringing Diana to flinch when hearing the mention of Kotomi needing blood. Stefan used his Vampire speed to run down to the basement and retrieve two blood pouches, then returning upstairs and handing them to Kotomi. "Couch. Now." Stefan ordered, bringing Kotomi to sigh as she walked over to the couch and sat down.

"You see why Diana needs to die? If her or her mother are out of the picture then Klaus can't come back." Rebekah said as she gave Diana a dark look, to which Damon shot one of his own right back at the Original.

"Like I said before. If you want her then you'll have to kill me first." Damon responded.

"Everyone just stop!" Isobel ordered as everyone looked at her. "It's obvious that we all want the same goals, so why not try working together? We'll be stronger if we all come together as one."

"Sorry, but we work alone." Finn said, looking at Rebekah and Kol. "Let's just go back home and wait to talk about this tomorrow when we're all having a clearer head." Kol and Rebekah nodded, the three Originals leaving the house.

"Our lives really suck." Damon said with a sigh, looking over to Diana. "Want me to take you home? You'll be safer at your house since Rebekah, Finn and Kol aren't able to enter it."

"Sure." Diana said with a nod. "My parents have no idea that I snuck out though..."

"Then we'll just have to sneak you back in through the window." Damon said with a shrug as Diana smiled.

"Sounds like a plan." Diana began to walk towards the door as she wiped off the blood from her nose, but her body began to sway to the side, though Damon caught her before she fell.

"It would be better if I carried you." Damon said as Diana nodded, the Vampire scooping up the young Witch in his arms and left the house.

"Looks like they're getting along now." Ashley commented, then looking over to Aiden. "With Klaus back and those other Originals in town then we'll need all the people that we can get, and since we can actually trust you now after seeing you save Kotomi twice... do you want to stay here with us? I think that we would all feel a lot safer with an Original on our side." Ashley said. Caroline, Lexi, Isobel, Kotomi and Stefan didn't seem to go against Ashley's idea, seeing her point of view on it. Kotomi looked over to Aiden as she drank the blood pouches, silently telling him with her eyes that she wanted him to stay.
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