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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Jihl Nabaat
Age: 20+ ((can't find out how old she is supposed to be in the game))
Gender: ♀
Appearance: Jihl is 5'5" (5'9" with heels), has blond hair reaching all the way down to mid-thigh, and wields a baton which she uses in a fencing fashion. Jihl's glasses, which she normally wears unless in a fight, are thin-framed and have her initials in Cocoon script engraved in the arm. She actually wears the glasses to appear kind and trustworthy, not because she needs them.
Personality: Jihl is described as cruel and heartless. On top of that, she's no less than a cold and calculating sadist who sees herself above normal humans, seeing them as flawed objects she can use in her own agenda despite some of them being fanatically loyal to her. As a result that mindset, Jihl loses patience easily when things go wrong, projecting blame on her subordinates and giving desperate orders to regain control.
Home World: Cocoon [FFXIII]
History: WARNING! This history contains spoilers to Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, as well as what I personally would have liked to see and my take on a few things. Not everything is canon to the games.
[pre-FFXIII - canon]
Proceeding the incident at Euride Gorge, Jihl and her PSICOM troops were sent to monitor the facility, deemed as an official "state of emergency". Arriving on the grounds, she met Sazh Katzroy and his six-year-old son, Dajh, who had been detained for inspection. She dispatched injured tourists to the plant's plaza, before sealing off the area, taking Sazh and his son back to the offices to discuss Dajh's condition.

Learning that the young boy had been branded a Sanctum l'Cie, Jihl ordered him to be placed under PSICOM supervision in hopes of determining his Focus. She implored Sazh to allow his son to remain under their custody for further testing; though Sazh was initially reluctant, he eventually relented. When Dajh asked to go to the annual Bodhum Fireworks, Jihl authorizes the trip - along with a troop of PSICOM soldiers - hoping it could possibly lead them to discovering his Focus.

Jihl traveled alongside Sazh and Dajh, and as their vehicle drove into Bodhum, Dajh's Focus was finally revealed; he could sense beings of Pulse origin. Jihl dispatched a team to excavate the ruins as she supervised the rest of the trip. The Pulse fal'Cie Anima was discovered in the Pulse Vestige, and the Bodhum lockdown was initiated by Jihl and Yaag Rosch.

After using Dajh's power to confirm that the Pulse l'Cie, Serah Farron, had been engulfed by the Vestige Ruins, she returned him to a monitoring facility, with the intention of developing and using Dajh's powers to protect the people of Cocoon. Dajh was to be held under her supervision for an indefinite amount of time. Jihl authorized Sazh's last request of traveling to Palumpolum to buy his son a coloring book, offering him use of the military airships, unknowing of Sazh's true intention of taking his son's Focus into his own hands.

[during FFXIII - canon]
Arriving at Nautilus, Jihl's true colors are revealed when she captures the wandering Sazh and Vanille, telling the two that having them arrested was apparently Dajh's Focus all along. She plays with Sazh's emotions by showing him the enhanced security footage from Euride Gorge, revealing how his crystallized son became a l'Cie through Vanille's actions. Vanille runs off crying with Jihl telling her men to stand down while letting Sazh go on the assumption that he will kill Vanille for them and supply them with more invaluable data. But Sazh can not bring himself to kill Vanille or commit suicide.

Immediately after, Jihl's group captures him and Vanille, with Jihl once again toying with Sazh's emotions by telling him that the Sanctum will build a memorial in Dajh's honor within Eden, putting his crystal on display. After Sazh objects to it, Jihl heartlessly asks him if he would want Dajh to be remembered as the son of a hated Pulse l'Cie or as a symbol of sacrifice. Rendering the furious Sazh unconscious with her baton, Jihl oversees him and Vanille being taken to the Palamecia for public execution with Primarch Galenth Dysley overseeing the matter.

When Lightning's group breaks into the Palamecia with Cid's help and regroup with Vanille and Sazh, Jihl becomes vexed with how she is losing control of the situation, and seems to lose control of herself at one point, smashing her glasses into the floor. Once the l'Cie arrive, with Sazh wanting to settle things with her, Jihl goes to confront the l'Cie so Dysley can escape. However, Dysley, deciding to reveal his true nature, deems Jihl to have outlived her purpose and fatally strikes her down with his magic, along with the other Palamecia crew members, so he can talk to the l'Cie personally.

[during FFXIII-2 - not canon]
Surely when the Primarch attacked her with magic, she should have been killed. But since she turned at the last possible second the attack wasn't fatal. She was simply knocked unconscious during the events that followed. Once the l'Cie escaped the Palamecia, the ship was going to crash because it had no crew to fly it nor was autopilot engaged. While still unconscious, a Gate opened and transported her to another time. It wasn't that far into the future, just when Cocoon was crystallized. She was found with the survivors and given medical treatment. After coming to and hearing what all had happened, Jihl was not happy at all. Especially since the l'Cie she had tried to destroy were the ones to actually save them all.

Now with PSICOM no longer the main military she had to join the Guardian Corps. She was able to keep her rank of Lieutenant Colonel, but for a while she'd be under surveillance. It seemed like those who were former PSICOM would not be trusted so easily, but Nabaat knew how to play the game. She did everything she had to in order to gain their trust, or at least enough of it to get out from under their watchful eye all hours of her work. During her first few weeks she had found out that Lightning, the leader of the l'Cie group she once hunted, had gone missing. She felt some satisfaction in that knowing that she wouldn't have the ex Sargent watching her.

[post RP]
Everything seemed to be going great in the three years that followed the fall of Cocoon. She was regaining the power and authority she had when she was in PSICOM in the reformed Guardian Corps on Gran Pulse, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. That is until the Farron sisters returned. Lightning hadn't changed at all in the three years she was gone, and Jihl noted it looked like she didn't age a day when she saw the former l'Cie. Farron was allowed back in the GC and took up her rank of Sargent, and was rumored for a promotion. Even if Nabaat was less than thrilled, she could do nothing to stop it. But before this had happened, something completely unexpected happened. It seemed like the whole of Gran Pulse was swallowed in blinding light. But as soon as the light came, it was replaced with blackness.

Having a cast of déjà vu, Jihl woke up with a bit of a groan. When her head cleared and the soreness left her, she had a good look around. She wasn't alone, and she noticed that everyone else was just as confused as she was. She could see some creatures further off, some she recognized from Pulse and others she had no idea. Right away people started grouping up with others they knew, and before long the groups mingled to find out what happened. The only logical explanation would have been something happened to fuse worlds, worlds that had no idea of the others existence. This interested the Lieutenant Colonel greatly, but before she could even try to research into it business had to be dealt with.

She soon became apart of a group of people that seemed to have the most authority, some with other high ranking officers from a military, but as well as some people from something called the "Elite Four" form some region she had never heard of. But Nabaat didn't think of it further, knowing that more important things had to be done. This group became the Council, and working with everyone who could work cities and towns were built. It was easy with most of the technologies that seemed to have been brought with them, as well as with some of the creatures that people could control. It wasn't long after this that the crystal caverns were discovered, and new tech was invented with this new power source. It seemed like a second civilization was made in these caverns where most of the jobs dealt with the harvesting of the new material.

Jihl became one of the heads in research, so she had her team study these crystals. Perhaps they could be used to reverse this fusing of worlds, or at least be a key element in it. But with months of failed experiments, she was so frustrated that she was about to quit. Which was something she rarely did. However, that is before the energy fluxes. Deep within the caverns there was something that caused surges in the energy provided by the crystals. Nabaat led a team into the caverns, not caring what rules she broke or how she treated the people in the caverns or on her own team, and went for answers. The first expedition didn't reveal much, but that there were several places that caused these fluxes. Now with a new goal, Jihl became determined to find the source and use it in order to try and reverse the fusing of worlds so she could go back to the life she was more comfortable with.

Pokémon: Dysley (♂) | Eden (♀)
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