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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Name: Crystal Momoyia
Age: 18
Gender: ♀
Appearance: *clickie* Image was made with hapuriainen's Pokemon trainer creator on deviantART.
Personality: Crystal is naturally a kinda and curious person. She rarely ever gets mad or upset and will always go out of her way for a comrade. She always plays fair in competitions, but never forgets to make sure that her Pokemon's well-being is top priority. She cares deeply for her close friends and family, which includes all of the Pokemon she has caught over the years. Crystal has and will continue to go out of the way to make sure her Pokemon are alright, even if it means taking the hit herself. There has been more than one occasion she has put herself in the hospital for putting herself in between a Pokemon and potential harm, but that is something she has and never will regret. She also enjoys working out and training with her Pokemon since she is an active person, not being able to stay put in one place for too long unless given a reason to. All in all Crystal is a loyal companion to have who will always have your back but also a fierce competitor on the battlefield.
Home World: Pokémon [Pallet Town, Kanto]
History: Crystal is the middle child of three daughters, her older sister being five years her senior and her younger being five years her junior. Her parents were a loving couple, always giving attention to each of them. Her older sister left on her journey when she was old enough with an oddly colored Vulpix that she got from their parents and an oddly colored Squirtle from Professor Oak. It wasn't long after that her parents have her a Meowth, which ended up being the only Pokémon she would have on her team that would not be nicknamed.

Crystal began her journey like any trainer. When she turned 10 she went to Professor Oak to get her starter Pokémon. Since she arrived as early as possible she was able to get the one she wanted. She chose the fire starter Charmander, but the one she received was unnaturally colored. But that didn't change anything. She then took the Charmander, which she named Blitz, to show her parents and to get Meowth to take with her. She wanted to leave with the cat-like Pokémon as well, and after final goodbyes she left with her two partners.

She traveled all over Kanto, catching many Pokémon and challenging all of the gyms. In the Indigo Conference she was in the top eight, and even if she didn't win the whole competition she was proud of herself and her Pokémon. She had also challenged the Elite Four and the Champion, but those ended up in loses. Not discouraged at all, she took three of her main team - Persian, Blitz who was now a Charizard, and a Raichu named Raiden - and then went to Johto to repeat what she did in Kanto and hopefully rank higher in the Silver Conference.

It was in Johto that she encountered a trainer named Seth Black. He was a little bit older than her but that didn't seem to matter. Crystal had battled him and won, and the two started traveling together. He seemed like a nice guy and was surprised that her Persian was able to defeat his Weavile. But little did she know that the man she thought she knew was just a lie. He then saw how he was treating one of his Houndoom, and again she challenged him. But this time if she won she wanted to take Surge, the Houndoom with blue eyes and the scar. It was a lot harder to defeat than she thought, but in the end she was victorious and the Houndoom was added to her team. It took a long time for him to listen to her in battle, but once she was able to get past his walls and get him to open up Surge became a permanent member of her team. And with his help she won all the badges needed and made top eight in the Silver Conference.

After that she traveled to Hoenn, where after entering the Ever Grande Conference and getting all eight badges she ranked in the top four. After Hoenn was Sinnoh, and there she ranked third in the Lily of the Valley Conference. In between these conferences she also traveled the Orange Islands as well as challenging the Battle Frontier, which she won both challenges. After the Lily of the Valley Conference, however, she challenged champion Cynthia. She ended up losing that battle, but that only fueled her desire to beat the older woman more. So she returned to Kanto to train once more and again challenge that region's champion. She had beaten the Kanto champ, but since it was not an official battle she did not become the Kanto champion. Instead she was listed as an elite trainer, which was fine with her. After that she decided to travel Unova before challenging Cynthia again. She went to this region with only Persian and Surge by her side.

However after she won all the badges she did not enter the Unova League right away. Instead she went back home to meet with her sisters in Kanto. Her older sister became a Pokémon researcher, studying oddly colored Pokémon, while her younger sister became a coordinator with her main partners, a Delcatty and a Venusaur. However that's when the light came. Before she could reach Pallet Town there was the blinding light, and when Crystal came to she first checked on her Pokémon. That's when she noticed that she had four extra Poké Balls. She was unsure how they came into her possession since they should have been with her older sister. But putting the thought aside she then went in search for her sisters or someone she knew at least. When the Council was formed she was one of the trainers recruited to teach about Pokémon along with her older sister. All the Momoyia siblings seemed to have been transported to the same location, and even though happy to be together they can feel that something is wrong. Especially Crystal since she keeps having visions in her sleep, and they usually show something deep in the crystal caverns.
Pokémon: Persian (♀) | Surge (♂) | Blitz (♂) | Puck (♂) | Raiden (♂) | Ryu (♂) | Silvana (♀) | Calder (♂) | Takeshi (♂) | Avalon (♂)
Link: Mew
Other: Crystal has a heightened sense of aura, but cannot manipulate it. All she can do is scan the area around her for traces of another person or Pokémon's aura, as well as tell a person or Pokémon's emotion or if they are lying or not. She's also one of the few trainers to be able to understand Pokémon language and is no hesitant of letting others know of this ability.
((images belong to their respective owners))
Crystal Momoyia

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