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Default [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

There are many universes out there, some aware of the others while the rest are only aware of themselves. It is extremely rare for two to have contact, but once in a blue moon something happens that is unexplained and unprepared for.

In the Pokémon world the Legendary Pokémon were locked in battle. It is unknown exactly what Legendaries were in this battle, however when attacks collided it could be seen from miles away. At the same time, in another universe, summons called Eidolons were also locked in battle. In this universe there are many worlds, most unaware of each other. However that did not stop these powerful creatures locking in battle to prove their strengths. Both of these battles were happening simultaneously, completely unaware of the other. Yet it seemed like everything was timed perfectly. Attacks would collide at the same time in both universes, each collision releasing more power and raw energy each time. It wasn’t until all combatants in both universes used their most powerful attacks did something happened. The techniques were not dodged but collided with all the others, releasing a ton of power and energy. Since this happened at the exact same time in both universes, this caused a space-time rift. Before anyone could figure out what was happening, everything was engulfed in a blinding light before everything went black.

When citizens of both worlds woke up, everything had changed. Their universes collided, thus creating a new world. At first people were confused and tended to get into fights, but some people banded together to keep the peace. They called themselves the Council. This group was made of gym leaders, Elite Four members, and Champions for the Pokémon universe as well as high-ranking officers and leaders of the other. Under the Council’s watch the citizens started to trade information on the creatures that were also transferred to this new world and technologies. It wasn’t long until cities and towns were made and new materials were discovered. The main power source they had were crystals that were soon discovered under ground, having a magical and electrical property that made it a great source for power and electricity for the technologies. This way they didn’t need to rely on electric-type Pokémon. Also this crystal became the new material that made Poké Balls, and instead of the normal tech it was infused with magic from the other universe. It worked just like a normal Poké Ball, it was just made differently and out of new materials.

Unknown to all, the Legendary Pokémon and the Eidolons that caused the merging of worlds were trapped in the crystal. They had lost all their strength after the collision. Now with some of their strength back, they are trying to reach out to people they believe can set them free. But there is a problem. Those trapped in the crystal cannot even recall their own names. And with their names also comes their powers. So without their names they cannot regain all their lost power. But perhaps if they connect with someone, that person can figure out what their name is. Once they figure it out, the person would have to locate the Legendary or Eidolon in the caverns, stand before their prison, and call out their name. Only then can they be set free with full power.

Everything was going well for a while. Eventually another civilization was created under ground in the crystal caverns. Things were peaceful between the above and under ground civilization. But peace doesn’t always last. Behind the friendly faces there are some members of the Council wish for things to go back to the way they were. Secretly they study and experiment, but so far all their tests have all failed. Even trying to increase the power with the crystals, nothing worked. Frustrated, they almost gave up. That is until the energy fluxes in the caverns started.

Even if the Council is unaware that it is the Legendary Pokémon and summons, they believe that if they could harness this power that they can reverse the fusing of worlds. Those in favor of this went to investigate the energy fluxes by abusing their power and forced their way into the caverns. During their investigation they had no regards for the miners, treating them as if they were the in the lowest social class. This caused the under ground civilization start rebelling. They would supply a few towns and cities, but the main city where the Council resides they cut back and eventually stopped sending crystal supplies to.

As well as this was going on, other things started to happen. Citizens started hearing voices, not knowing if it was their imagination or not. Unknown to them it was actually the Pokémon and summons that were trapped in the crystal. They were reaching out to people in hopes that they could be freed. Will those trapped in the crystal ever be released? Or will the members of the Council be able to locate and tap into the source of the energy fluxes in order to separate the worlds? It all depends on what hand they were given and how the players play the game…
  • All PE2K Rules.
  • Rating for the RP will be PG13+, meaning that some acts of affection, mild language, and violence is acceptable. Nothing mature rating. We are dealing with Final Fantasy here, so mild language and violence is expected.
  • Please be respectful to other players and their choices for their characters. We are all different, so it is expected that characters will be different as well. Do not put someone down for things like if a character appears to be a mary sue (I'll deal with that) or perhaps their choice for their character's sexuality.
  • Bunnying is only allowed if the player of the character gives another player permission to do so in case of to move all characters to one location or the player of the bunnied character will be absent for a time.
  • Both canon and original characters are accepted. For canon characters I will allow some creative freedom. Add your own twist to the character (like minor wardrobe change, addition to personality, ect.), but do not stray too terribly far from the original character. I want canon characters to still be recognizable.
  • Pairings are allowed, whether they be canon or not. CanonxCanon, OCxOC, or CanonXOC is fine. I'm also allowing same sex couples and perhaps triangles. Drama does make for a good story when done correctly and doesn't interfere with the progression of the main plot.
  • Not every character can have a Legendary Pokémon or Eidolon trying to reach out to them. Let's try to have some characters that aren't forming links.
  • If you are going to be absent or inactive, please let me know. I don't want someone to get so far behind that they can't catch up or leave characters behind.
  • If they so choose, Eternal Moonlight and Winter can accept and deny SUs. They helped me greatly with this idea, so this is the least I can do for all their help.
Appearance: (picture or at least one paragraph)
Personality: (at least one paragraph)
Home World: (you can simply say Final Fantasy or Pokémon; if FF please mention which one)
History: (optional but recommended; can just state important events. I don't need a novel)
Pokémon: (up to ten, no legendaries, shines and recolors acceptable)
Link: (aka what Legendary Pokémon or Eidolon is trying to reach out to this character)
Other: (anything else you wish to add)
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