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Default Re: gmandiddy -VS- Foxamivalth

Well, this didn't take long. /sarcasm


[Miss Boo]Rotom-Wash(G)
HP: 76%
Energy: 89%
Condition: Ouch, blast that bug!


HP: 100%
Condition: That was exhuasting.

Round 2

Still panting slightly from the last round, Volcarona observed her electrical opponent as it sat with a somewhat wicked glare on its face. He knew it was hurting, and found quite a bit of satisfaction in that. However, it didn’t want to be on the receiving end of any pain from the ghostly appliance. The flame moth flapped its wings hard as it hovered just above the ground, kicking up dust and dirt. Its eyes glowed red as flames surrounded the mass of debris, pooling it together in a big mass. Volcarona lent some of its own energy to the mass, and it took shape almost instantly. Miss Boo growled at the copy of the volcanic bug, not liking the fact that there were now two on the field.
[Volcarona: -1 HP/Energy; Substitute @ 1HP]

The Rotom didn’t want to stick around, but it wasn’t going down without a fight. Its orange body crackled with electricity, its blue outline glowing slightly. Setting its sights on Volcarona, it rushed forward with a speed that seemed almost unnatural for an appliance. The substitute did its job however, and it was in front of the real Volcarona in a flash. Miss Boo collided with it, the electricity around her body shooting off into the doll-like copy. It disintegrated around her and she let out a cry of anger. She couldn’t exact vengeance on the moth yet, however, and felt herself get called back into her pokéball. Digital selected another red and white capsule after only a few seconds of thought and threw it out into the arena. The ball split open and his second Pokémon burst forward.
[Miss Boo: -5 Energy| Volcarona: Substitute Destroyed]
(Critical hit rolled a 4721, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.)

Gallade was sent out!

[Mr. Blade] Gallade (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Alright then, let’s beat this bug!

Mr. Blade growled as his eyes locked onto his next target. The sword-like protrusions on his elbows lashed out as he got into a fighting stance, waiting for the moth to make its next move. Volcarona observed the fighter with slight interest before closing its eyes. Small particles began to form around its wings, glowing a dark purple color. The fire moth flapped its wings harder, and the particles turned into balls of flames. With a swift movement and a light cry, Volcarona shot the eerie flames towards its target. Mr. Blade didn’t have time to dodge, and the ghostly fire hit him dead on. It seeped into his flesh, leaving black burns across his torso. Growling, he winced from the pain, feeling himself get weaker.
[Volcarona: -3 Energy| Gallade: BRN; -2 ATK]
(Accuracy rolled a 27 where rolling more than 75 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Disliking the fact that this bug got the better of him, Mr. Blade vowed to slice it to little ribbons. But he needed to get his attack back up for that…Extending his swords from his elbows, he began to move into a peculiar dance. Twisting and stabbing, he prayed to the gods of battle for luck. As he fell still, a powerful surge of energy coursed through him. A smirk appeared on the Gallade’s face and he turned his eyes back to his foe.
[Gallade: -3 Energy; +2 ATK]

Mr. Blade was ready to go on the offensive, but the burns on his chest still lingered, and caused him a slight bit of pain as the round drew to a close. Volcarona purred happily to itself, ready to get the next round underway.
[Gallade: -4 HP]

Round 2 End


Volcarona (M)
HP: 99%
Energy: 48%
Condition: That went pretty well.


[Mr. Blade] Gallade (M)
HP: 96%
Energy: 97%
Status: Burns hurt…Ow.

Ref Notes:
- Digital’s two Pokémon are Gallade and Rotom-W

Digital, your moves please.

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