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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Streets of Skyspire & Agana's Inn
RPers involved:
CM [Agana, Alexa Silvanus (NPCs)]; Eternal Moonlight (Amber)

"Seems like we're all set then," Agana said. "So if you will please follow me, ladies and gentleman, I shall take you all to my best establishment. And first night is on the house."

She set off at a leisurely pace, one that Alexa could easily maintain with her shorter legs, and Corbin lapsed into silence as they walked. It was only a few minutes until they walked in to a building. Alexa immediately let go of Corbin’s arm and disappeared into the building. Agana continued to lead them until stopping at a room and gestured to the door for him to go inside.

Expect me down in the tavern three hours from now.” He nodded to her thankfully then bowed to Amber and left her to be shown to her own rooms before he went inside.

He shut the door and glanced quickly around the comfortable looking space. Then, he drew in a deep breath and started using a tiny bit of his reserves of attention. He would need it to be able to focus well enough to determine the nature of the charms and wards he suspected would be part of the room. He just wasn’t powerful enough to do the more difficult kinds of natural magic without help from his Feruchemy stores.

After looking around for a few seconds he decided that he would both be safe to do some heavy storage, and that the spells he usually used to keep him stable while he did wouldn’t harm any of the protective spells that were in place. He stopped using his extra attention.

<Two and a half hours?>

<Very well, I’ll let you know if anything comes up.>

Feng had made the time he spent this way incalculably more effective. Before he had become a guardian Corbin had been forced use a lot of his normal magic reserves as safeguards and wards that would enable him to wake up on his own. Now the mental connection with Feng-Huang allowed him to spend all of his energy on Arcane magic so that he could save up extra healthiness. It was by far the most difficult attribute to store up because it took so much of it to be useful. It could take weeks, or even months of storage to heal serious injuries. It was however incredibly useful because it was not often he had company around with the ability to heal him when a crisis came, and on more than one occasion his months of careful storage had saved his life.

He lay on the bed, and slowly eased himself into the process, starting with the easiest to do without, his speed. He couldn’t store strength right now because he would need his body’s natural strength to survive the other losses, but speed was useless because he would be doing no moving for the next two and a half hours; he was essentially putting himself in a coma. He dropped all the way down to 10%. He couldn’t safely go father or he could have difficulty breathing.

Next he did healthiness. He started burning his mana first, to give him an edge, a huge boost in speed, strength, and ability to withstand injury. He dropped in health to 50% below normal; essentially storing about 200%, which was awesome. He didn’t know how he’d ever managed before he learned Arcane Magic. He couldn’t safely go beyond 50% natural health.

He stored Speed, Healing, Intellect, Wakefulness, Soberness, Vision, and Hearing; all at about 10%, except for Healing, which he had to keep at 50%. Wakefulness last. It was the most effort because by this time concentrating on anything to a huge effort of will. It had taken him longest to learn to store wakefulness because once you passed a certain threshold your body would sleep, and sleep isn’t very conducive to Feruchemy. The only way around that was to learn to keep storing, even when you lost consciousness. Corbin had once been forced to store only tiny amounts of wakefulness at a time because he couldn’t afford the risk losing consciousness but still storing could pose. If you stored too much of it, and didn’t stop when you went to sleep, you might never be able to wake up again.

Initially he had learned to tackle the problem by having a spirit healer infuse him with a boost of healing and alertness after a set amount of time, but eventually he’d learned to do something similar with his own arcane magic to wake him up enough to stop channeling and return to normal. Feng could briefly do the same to him, and it was much more efficient than using his own energy or relying on circumstances to keep someone from getting detained or distracted. He shoved as much wakefulness as he could away into his storage bracelet before he lost all consciousness.

He laid on the bed, looking nearly on the brink of death, making no noise, no movement. It was difficult tell if he was even breathing. His eyes were sunken and hollow, dark lines suddenly beneath them. His skin, his hair, everything about him looked unhealthy and frail, though he hadn't stored away any strength to detract from his imposing figure; without his vitality he looked diminished, breakable.

<You need to wake up, Corbin.>

A slight surge of light in his mind and suddenly the world had meaning again. He quickly left off storing his wakefulness first, then his intellect. He was disoriented. He always was after a deep storage session like this one; he never knew how long it had been; time passed without his awareness of it. He quickly stopped all his other storing projects and sat up, blinking and taking in the room around him.

<Has it been two-and-a-half hours already?>

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