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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Agana Lilith, Alexa Silvanus (NPCs)
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Brainiac (Corbin)
When Alexa revealed who Agana was, it seemed to amuse the young man who had joined their little group. "Well, I guess that would make her very able to help me out then, wouldnít it, miss?" he said, causing Alexa to smile and look a little proud of herself.

Agana looked him over once more. Sure he was attractive, but not really her type. That doesn't mean she couldn't have a little fun flirting with him. But as she was giving him another look over, she did notice his eyes change color. So he is a mage. For once I wasn't so sure, she thought with a small smirk. She decided to remain silent as he then turned to the young woman she was previously talking to.

"Well, if sheís Agana, then I can only imagine I interrupted you being escorted to exactly where Iím looking to end up. Wonderful news; Iíll already have a friend staying under the same roof as me, and I havenít yet arrived. I apologize for not properly introducing myself."

Agana noted that he had an inviting smile when talking to her, and smiled a bit herself. Smiled, not smirked. She then saw the young man's movement, and knowing what he was going to do she allowed it. He took her right hand and gently kissed it. Something I haven't seen in a while, the mage thought. She then smiled again when she saw Alexa's scrunched up face. One day she'll understand, was her second thought. He then repeated the action with their fellow mage.

"Lady Agana; Miss, I am Corbin Smythe. I am most honored to make your acquaintance," he then introduced himself.

"And, my name is Amber, pleased to met you!" the young woman then added with a cheerful voice.

"And my name's Alexa!" the youngest of the group then said, smiling and excited.

"And, now that the introductions are properly out of the way, I wait upon you, Lady Agana, to lead me to the refuge I intend to call home for the duration of my stay here in Skyspire." With that he had offered his right arm to Amber and his left hand to Alexa. "Ladies, allow me?"

The young six-year-old looked a little hesitant. After looking up at the redhead for permission and getting a small nod she took Corbin's hand. Agana would keep a close eye on them, just to make sure Alexa was feeling alright with it. But it seemed like the girl didn't mind, having a friendly personality and liking to meet new people, which was something she clearly got from her mother.

"Seems like we're all set then," Agana then spoke. "So if you will please follow me, ladies and gentleman, I shall take you all to my best establishment. And first night is on the house." She smiled at her company before turning on her heel and continuing down the street, taking a slow pace so that Alexa didn't feel like she had to rush to keep up with the adults. It wouldn't take too long to reach the building, so a slow walk would be a little relaxing and wouldn't add too much time in travel.
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