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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Streets of Skyspire
RPers involved:
CM [Agana, Alexa Silvanus (NPCs)]; Eternal Moonlight (Amber)

As he talked, Corbin took in the full appearance of the two girls. The younger looking of the pair, the one who fell silent when he’d interrupted them, had large, amber eyes. Her face was framed by long, light colored hair and a firm jaw line, giving her face the look of a young girl born to nobility. It was incongruous with the rest of her. She looked underfed to the point of frailty, and bore an air of one accustomed to the less luxurious side of life. He guessed she was close to his own age, though it was difficult to tell for sure because her wide, honest eyes tempted him to think she was younger still. She visibly deflated as he finished his sentence, looking over to the lynx and the little girl as if to distract herself from something disappointing. He had been hasty in his speaking and likely had offended her. She was a pretty girl, but standing next to the other woman didn’t do her any favors.

The red haired girl smiled knowingly, almost a smirk. However, her face was so well sculpted he doubted ‘smirk’ would ever really apply. "Agana's place? I think I can show you where it is."

She obviously thought something was funny, and pondering that made him slower to take in her full appearance, but he forced himself to be thorough, and memorized her features as well. In addition to her flaming red hair, she had a perfectly symmetrical face, rounded jaw culminating into a soft-yet-sharp chin, and eyes so dark they appeared black, though he couldn’t say for certain what color they were. She was pale, but full figured and fit. She looked vibrant with health, actually. Too much so for someone who spent enough time indoors to be as pale as she was, though the overall effect was still incredibly appealing.

A warning bell tinkled in the back of his mind, somewhere, that she was more than she appeared to be.

<Feng? Is she on the list?> he asked silently, allowing his features to slide slightly into the look of contemplation they wanted rather than enforce the full smile. Let them see on his face that he had questions if they were paying attention.

<No, she is not a guardian, though you are right to be suspicious. She has fallen out of the natural cycle of death and rebirth.>

The little girl petting the lynx looked up when she spoke. She turned away from the animal, looking amused and slightly surprised. “Of course you can. It's your place, Aunt Agana."

Corbin laughed in surprise. “Well, I guess that would make her very able to help me out then, wouldn’t it, miss?”

He smiled at the child, allowing the coincidence to dominate his features as he processed this new information. Agana had a reputation for personally managing her business. She looked way too young to have both the resources and experience in business to manage a chain as large as he’d heard she did on her own. He wouldn’t put her above 30 years, though her eyes betrayed a sense of capability and poise that he’d rarely seen in anyone who wasn’t either aristocracy or well into the later years of life.

Really, there was only one option left that made any sense. She was probably a capable magus of some sort. He relaxed in understanding and allowed his eyes to flicker quickly through the visible spectrum of colors, indicating to her that he was also a practitioner of the arts.

He turned to the younger woman. “Well, if she’s Agana, then I can only imagine I interrupted you being escorted to exactly where I’m looking to end up. Wonderful news; I’ll already have a friend staying under the same roof as me, and I haven’t yet arrived.” He smiled at her invitingly, “I apologize for not properly introducing myself.”

He reached out and took each woman by the hand, bringing first Agana’s, and then the other’s hand to his face and kissing them quickly with a flourish and a bow.

Lady Agana; Miss, I am Corbin Smythe. I am most honored to make your acquaintance.” He nodded to each in turn before releasing their hands.

And, now that the introductions are properly out of the way, I wait upon you, Lady Agana, to lead me to the refuge I intend to call home for the duration of my stay here in Skyspire.” He gestured to her and took a step back, leaving her room to lead him while he proffered his right arm to Amber and his left to Alexa.

Ladies, allow me?

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