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Default Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Kanto Yellow


In the past, everyday new trainers would embark on their Pokemon journey. These journeys were a rite of passage that most young trainers undertook. The typical journey started with a youngster leaving home with a starter pokemon and bag filled with the essentials; the child would then head out into the wild to catch pokemon and work their way across their region. The ultimate goal of most young trainers was to make their way to the Pokemon League.

Some people saw these journey's as important tools to help young people reach maturity. Others found it barbaric to send such young children into the wild to fend for themselves - especially in a world filled with dangerous creatures. A hand-full of new trainer incidents were accepted by each generation. Most people felt these incidents were accidents that could have been avoided. This all changed with the disappearance of a young trainer five years ago.

After those events a great debate began. A simple question was raised, are pokemon journeys ethical. A council was convened, it consisted of the most important people from all across the globe. After a short meeting a unanimous decision was reached - the council would read their verdict on live television. No person under twenty five would be allowed to start a Pokemon Journey from that point on. The council explained that, due to the dangerous natures of wild pokemon and radical squads - like Team Rocket and Team Magma, the government could not promise the safety of any one person. They stated that they would look over the issue again in five years.

Five years have passed without incident. A declining number in the popularity of Pokemon League ratings and sales sparked up a new debate. A new council was formed, with sole purpose of fixing this decline in sales. The council agreed to the construction of a special school to be built; this school's purpose would be to prepare a group of young trainers to survive a full journey across Kanto without incident. Viridian City became the home of the first location - the creation of other schools depends solely on the outcome of a new group of trainers and how they do on their journey. The students have had two years of training and are now ready to start their journey. If their journey has a successful outcome, it would prove that, with proper training, children could protect themselves. The fate of all young trainers rest on this first group.

  • Build a strong relationship with your partners (Not every trainer class will get along, try to stay in character while learning about your new partners)
  • Building a strong team (In order to capture and train pokemon you need to add to the story for points, the more you put into the story the more points youll get)
  • Make your way to the Pokemon League (Do your best to solve the problems that lay ahead of you, so you are always moving forward as a team)

Rules/General Info
GCeA is a point based game, in the trivia sections members get points by simply posting. GCeA is meant to be a fun fast paced story game. With so many great writers I decided to make a more Role Play based game. While there will still be points given out the system has been compeletly changed for RP. Now players will earn points based on their story telling and creativity. Other major changes will include trainer classes and pokemon point values. These will limit your ability to catch every pokemon but it will allow more work with each of your pokemon. Please pick a trainer class carefully.
  • All PE2K rules
  • There is an 9 person limit to the game. If you become inactive you will lose your spot on the team.
  • For every 1000 characters you will receive a point. (this count should not include spaces) 5 points is the maximum amount of points you can earn for a post.
  • Quoting others does not count to your character total
  • Stories about your captures should be send to Judge Dredd for approval first.
  • Your character must be between 14 and 16 years old.
  • Make a Trainer Card and keep it updated.
  • No god-moding
  • Please respect all players and their choices
  • Let's keep this around PG13. Violence, mild blood and gore, mild language, and romance are allowed, but anything that would be considered M rated must not be posted. Take that to the PMs if you must.
  • You can only have one character in the game.
  • No Pokemon can be added to your Trainer Card without approval from one of the two RPM.
  • This roleplay is a point game (the points will be given based on your post submission.)
  • You will have to a pick a trainer class, once that class is picked you can only capture pokemon that would fall under that class.
  • Other rules may be added later or are in the SU
  • All your question should be asked on the link posted. At no time should you break character. Please click on this link Gotta Catch Em' All Club
  • Picking a starter is easy, a trainer can pick almost any pokemon that falls under his trainer class type. It has to be 1st gen and it has to be approved first

Important Things To Remember
  • To level up a pokemon you will need points equal to that of the level that it evolves at in the game.
  • Trade evolution and Stone Evolution Prices will be added soon.
  • When catching a Pokemon you should tell a short story about your capture. Think about URPG
  • It has been 20 or so years since "Ash" started his journey.
  • Most gym leaders from the past are gone. Even the number of gyms can change during the story.
  • At the end of each of my posts I will give a list of people available in each area.
  • Legends will appear in the story but will not be catch able.
  • Based on the popularity of the of the RP more things will be added to the game.
  • You are new trainer so you will not start off knowing everything !

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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