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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio
Affected: Popshakes

“Baby Bunny wants a battle, eh?” The Antylamon said, rushing at Terry. The Gargomon was too busy firing now at the Mammothmon, but Angle was on the scene.

Lexin knew the attack from the Antylamon, and the best way to dodge it was to digivolve the Angemon once more. He held out his digivice, energy streaming from it, mainly the number four. It enveloped Angle, and he glowed, turning into his more powerful form of Angemon, MagnaAngemon, his upper helmet turning to a purple mask, two of his wings folding themselves onto his body. Angle now flew between the Antylamon and Terry, and he activated his blade, a purple 'lightsaber' attached to the bracelet on his arm, Excalibur. He drew a circle in the air directly in front of him, the Gate of Destiny. A major drain of energy, yes, but a versatile attack. It could either block an opponent and send them into oblivion, or shoot a massive beam of light, whichever he chose.

Terry fired once more at the Mammothmon, who in rage charged. The Gargomon jumped high into the air with his powerful legs, and unleashed the pellets onto the Mammothmon's revealed back. It trumpeted in pain, and smashed into the house Lexin was hiding behind. He ran to the side, the house (with its inhabitants crying out) smashed into the ground.
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