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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

I did my SU in a hurry so I forgot to add that I will edit later. However, I did not look over the other SU's I can tell you that much. The bracelet cannot use Element Magic. My character uses magic like Fira in the form of an arrow and shoots it. Otherwise the bracelet can only shoot arrows that are made out of Mana. The science behind it was that the bracelet converts the Mana of the user into that of the shape a bow and arrow or if the user is skilled enough, they can morph it into anything they want. But Pegasus will only use the bow. He will learn the skill of converting it to anything near the end of the RP. Also With the Leo thing, I mean Leon. The Island history is a little derived from Sora's story because it wasn't definite that people were killed in Sora's story. In this story, it was clear that some of Pegasus' friends were killed, thus giving him one reason to fight. If you want me to make the history longer and original, i can do that now. I have lots of time now. You're right about that. Ill get right to it.
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