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Default Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 4 out)

It was late in the night, the forest was calm, and many of the Pokémon were deep in their slumber though one grouping of Pokémon was busy talking about their plans. “So how will we handle this plan…?” A large amount of hissing echoed through the forest area, a significant number of snake Pokémon were grouped together, talking about something important…to them at least.

“We wait until morning…that’s the best move to make…” As many of the Pokémon were of similar appearance, save for one serpent, which bore large fangs and a bladed tail-tip; its eyes deeply blood-red and a few gold markings helped to identify this one from the others.

“I don’t understand this forest…” Senrai groaned wandering around the forest, well off the standard pathway. He searched around every and any notable path he could think of using his aura-based abilities, being a Lucario, though the only signatures he picked up on were those of a large group of serpent-like beings. “Then I won’t…” He mumbled stepping on what he assumed was a strange vine, though a loud cry from a youthful voice gained a grimace.

The group talking had fell silent, Senrai backing away calmly, though his retreat was too late as a larger serpent Pokémon burst out of the brush, a large ‘hood’ being a definitive feature. The Lucario simply jumped out of the way, failing in his attempt to flee to the trees, the branches being far too small to support his weight. The hooded snake crashed into the ground, it glaring nastily at Senrai, who quickly closed his own eyes.

“A protector of Din Village, you are?” The hooded snake questioned, its voice feminine, but its way of speech confused Senrai. “What be your reason for coming here?”

Senai continued to focus on using his aura abilities, only homing in on the serpent’s energies, a vile energy radiating off of the being. “Look, I’m not here to bother you…I’m just a traveler and,” A new, threatening presence rushed behind Senrai, prompting him to quickly dart to the side thus avoiding a second threat in the form of large fangs chomping down on the air of the Lucario’s former location. “…Was looking for a particular shrine…” He finished his statement with a sigh, realizing how futile it was the instant he spoke.

“Leave this area, you should.” The strange speaking snake claimed, but that exclamation was put to rest the serpent bearing a bladed tail, took over the situation.

“What are you doing here?” The snake questioned, a wave of his bladed tail seemed to signal the departure of the hooded serpent nearby.

“As I tried to explain,” Senrai sighed, his eyes still closed barred his identification of the Pokémon before him, save for the outline of its energy before his unique type of vision. “I am a traveler who was passing through the area. I am searching for a shrine here in the forest…my name is…” Before he could introduce himself to the creature, a feeling of something sharp etched towards his neck.

“I could care less about your name…” The snake hissed, slithering around him, slowly identifying the Lucario in the dead of night. “…I was waiting to fill myself with the villagers of Din…but I believe your corpse won’t spoil my appetite…” The chuckling of the snake hovered in Senrai’s ears, the appendages attached to his head beginning to float slightly, much to the ignorance of the bladed-serpent.

Senrai’s eyes shot open, a startling blue glow causing the snake to narrowly jump back in alarm, a swift thrust of the Lucario’s palm knocking the bladed-serpent away from him. “I am not here to defend all of Din,” The Lucario kept his vision away from the serpent, once again closing his eyes as a fire-like energy surrounded his body. “Though your actions now allow me to defend myself, I can defend them indirectly.”

The snake recovered quickly, his bladed-tail whipping in-front of him as if formulating a defense. “Those of Din took our leader from us…this is vengeance!” He lunged forward, the tail of the Pokémon releasing globs of purple ooze, which it swung at Senrai-the Lucario raising an arm and blocking the blade.

Senrai silently sighed, the purple ooze slipping off his skin, denying his fur any sigh of being wet from it. “Oh…I’d assume you’ve never faced a species such as my own…” Senrai shoved the Pokémon’s tail away; despite his eyes being closed, he could tell there was a hint of surprise from the snake through his unique senses. “My skin is as hard as steel and as such, your poison does nothing to me…” He gently ran a paw across the arm that defended the blow. “Though I still feel the damage…” He appeared to chuckle.

“H-how are you aware of my poison…how can you be immune to it?!” The snake exclaimed.

Senrai simply took a fighting stance, facing the Pokémon. “I’ve trained myself greatly with my ‘sixth sense’…it is easy to identify another being by merely viewing the energy they emit.” He appeared to sigh heavily. “Though I am nowhere near perfect…I am aware that you are some sort of poison Pokémon…a serpentine one at the most…”

The statement didn’t appear to intimidate the snake, only add to his obvious rage. “Then we’ll test this…sixth sense!” With an almost roar-like hiss, two more snakes joined the fray, taking either side of Senrai. “Ally of Din or not…I can’t let you leave here and warn them!”

“Fine…” Senrai appeared to brace himself for a battle he didn’t want. “I’ll face you, though I can’t vouch for your wellbeing…” He said viciously.


“This is the location we agreed upon,” The Floatzel pair from the village of Cascade was examining a dried patch of blood in a small clearing, both finding no sign of the Floatzel known as Wade. “He’s obviously long gone.” Aqua’s mother exclaimed.

“Aska…” The other Floatzel sighed heavily. “We have to keep searching for my son…”

“This is the boundary of our village, going any further would be a risk to us,” Aqua’s mother explained. “And both of our children are capable of fighting on their own, so please stop worrying.” Aska stated heading back towards the village, much to the Floatzel’s dismay.

“I…guess you are right,” The Floatzel sighed glancing at the dried stain on the grass. “But, why did Aqua choose to travel alone?” Aska didn’t respond, continuing to leave the other water type behind. “Aska…”

“I thought we were worrying about your son?” Aska countered the Floatzel. “Why worry about my daughter? She can handle herself just fine.”

“And so can my son,” The Floatzel appeared to come to terms with her child’s decision. “But you and your daughter never saw eye-to-eye…”

“I’d rather not have her end up like my mate…” Aska answered, not glancing back. “Now, can we please go?”


Morning had come in Din Village, the barrier of electricity had long since vanished and many of the Pokémon within were actively moving about. “And she’s gone again…” The mother of Sparky, Scarlett and Mia, Lia, groaned heavily upon the realization of her missing daughter.

Aqua looked confused by restrained frustration. “Should we search for her?” The question received a smile from Lia.

“No, she does this all the time; don’t worry too much about it. You have your travels to worry about.” Aqua wordlessly agreed with her, and focused on what she had begun her travels for.

“Alright, I understand.” Aqua turned her attention to the village’s exit, her fur still slightly standing-on-end thanks to the electrified air of the village. “I guess I should find Sparky and Marko, then.”

“Aqua!” The two turned to the call; spotting one of the Pokémon Aqua was searching for, Sparky. “Hey, there’s someone looking for you at the village’s entrance…!” He exclaimed upon stopping before them, the Pikachu looked surprised. “It looks like he’s been in a fight though…”

Sparky led Aqua back to the entrance of the village, Lia staying behind with her egg, though passing her concerns onto whomever it was. As they reached the location, a small grouping of electric Pokémon began to form, one of them attempting to treat the Pokémon’s wounds. “Who is it…?” Aqua questioned as the two passed through the crowd of Pokémon.

“I’m…alright…I’m just searching for Aqua…” The Buizel, upon catching the voice, lost her curiosity and quickly replaced it with a foul growl.

Aqua shoved her way past the last few electric Pokémon, much to Sparky’s surprise and stormed towards the wounded Pokémon, a Floatzel. “What are you doing here!?” She cried angrily kicking the Floatzel to the ground and stomping on an obvious bite wound.

The Floatzel cried out in pain, the wound beginning to bleed after it was obviously attempting to heal. “A-Aqua…stop…!” The Floatzel was obviously too tired and injured to push her away, the crowd surprised by her actions, simply watched.

“I-is this how villagers of Cascade great one another…?” Sparky mumbled curiously.

She did back off however, blood staining her foot, but she didn’t care. “What are you doing here, Wade?!” She growled nastily.

Wade slowly got up, holding his newly opened wound painfully. “The rules of our village state that we can’t travel alone…you know that…!” The Floatzel protested. “Like it or not…” He shot up quickly, grabbing Aqua by the arms, inadvertently getting blood on her fur. “…I’m coming with you…!” This left Aqua and the watchers surprised.

After breaking the strange moment, Aqua and Sparky brought Wade back to the Elder’s home, Lia taking care of his wounds with various plants of the forest. The wound was treated with what appeared to be a large herb combined with some sort of sticky silk. “What were you thinking?” Aqua questioned with obvious distaste. “Everyone of Cascade knows not to travel through the forest at night…especially within our village’s boundaries…!”

Aqua’s scolding nature only produced a chuckle from the Floatzel. “It looks like your crush on me is long gone…” Aqua yelled out in protest of his comment, but she was interrupted by Sparky’s guardian, Marko.

“We should leave while it’s still early.” The three looked to him, Lia taking her leave. “Taking the detour to the shrine will take us a bit out of our day.” He explained.

“Oh, yes, we should go.” Aqua sighed, turning away from Wade and joining the Ampharos.

Wade got up slowly, pained by his injuries. “I’m…coming too.” He mumbled, Aqua countered but Marko beat her to it.

“You’re injured,” He explained. “It’s safer for you to stay here until you recover…” He glanced at a covered wound on his leg.

Wade shook his head quickly, walking towards the two. “I can’t, sorry.” He stated simply. “Like I told her,” He directed his attention to Aqua. “I am coming with her no matter what!” He exclaimed.

“There’s no way you’re going to change his mind.” Lia exclaimed from the other room. “Aqua needs a guardian and the both of you will be going in similar directions, ‘the more the merrier’ you could say…” She laughed to herself, much to the annoyance of both Aqua and Marko.

“I think it’s better if he comes, too.” Sparky shrugged the situation off, giving the Buizel the pack she’d made to carry her personal rations. “This way, if we do split up at some point, Aqua will have someone traveling with her.” He explained taking his own self-made pack, though his appeared to be made from cloth compared to Aqua’s plant-based one.

The Buizel only sighed at this statement, storming out. “Whatever…let’s just go…” She grumbled, Wade appearing to laugh along with Sparky, Marko only sighing heavily at the situation.

“Why must I be stuck with a group of children…?” He Ampharos groaned under his breath. “May the gods watch over us…” He mumbled.

“The Elder is not going to see off his son…?” Aqua questioned as the three males ventured out of the Elder’s home.

“A strange event happened not far from here, apparently there was a battle between the snakes and something…their new leader was killed-that’s what I’ve heard from some of the scavengers who leave the village at dawn.” Marko explained quickly, though ignored Aqua’s question of why scavengers were needed. “The village’s focus has been distracted by that event, so we don’t have to worry about a big event for our departure, which is good in my opinion…saves time.” Aqua appeared to agree with that.

“Aww man…” Sparky appeared to be in a huff, Wade simply staying silent.

“Let’s get to the Guardian’s Shrine and…thank you for agreeing to travel with me by the way.” She said with a soft smile to Sparky and Marko, both of which simply accepted the words of thanks, Wade attempting to chime in, but Aqua countered with a glare.

“Well…let’s get moving…” Wade chuckled nervously eyeing the Buizel.


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