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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

Name: Pegasus Von Saggitarius
Age: 24
Gender: MALE
Appearance: Pegasus has dark long hair with a white headband that his friend, Alice, gave to him during their training with Merlin. He is tan with Deep-Sea blue eyes. He wears black shorts and white T-shirt. He wears black and white shoes with white socks. He also wears a black and gold trimmed mastery jacket with a gold lightning symbol embedded on the back of it over his shoulders. Master Yen-Sid made it for him for mastery over an element. His strength and speed is remarkable. He is a really skilled fighter and can actually stand up to a keyblade master. He stands 6'1.
Personality: Pegasus is a fun, cool, levelheaded, smart person. He always evaluates the situation and thinks of possible outcomes while being a couple steps ahead of the opponent.

Ken Von Saggitarius was born in Traverse town to Lance Saggitarius and Helen Saggitarius. It appeared that Lance and Helen were very close to King Mickey so Ken went there to train with the King. The King saw something special in this boy and decided to send him to Yen-Sid to train in magic once he was done here. Ken completed his training at the age of 12 and was sent to Yen-Sid to train. Master Yen-Sid observed Pegasus and learned that he excelled in thunder magic and wasn't so good in the others. Ken mastered thunder magic at the age of 16 and was sent back to Traverse town only to see that it was overrun by heartless. Ken couldn't take care of all of them. Then, a person with a Kingdom Key appeared from behind him with an Organization XIII robe and threw their keyblade, destroying three of the many heartless. Ken and the person teamed up and cleared the heartless. The person unhooded theirself and Ken realized that it was a girl. They got acquainted with each other. The girl's name was Alice and she was on a mission to secretly take down the Organization. Ken decided to help Alice take down the Organization.

Weapon: He hides a short blade with no more than 2 inches in length in his back pocket. He is a thunder master so he uses thunder magic..
(Pegasus can change the properties of thunder to create thing out of fire. Example: Thunder Blade, Thunder claws, etc.)
Theme Song:
Other: N/A

Name: Alice Sierra Flamberge
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has flowing short black well-groomed hair with golden eyes. She wears a black kimono and has a golden tan. She looks around 17 and stands 5'8.
Personality: She is sometimes quiet, smart, and sneaky. She is caring, compassionate, and helpful as well.
History: Alice Sierra Flamberge was born in Traverse town. She was a girl who never knew sorrow, pain, misery, and all other things associated. She inherited the Keyblade from her father who was a Keyblade master and was trained by him to his level. Since there was no Mark of Mastery Exam at the time, she was unable to take it. She learned what was going on in the worlds and decided to leave Traverse Town to travel the worlds and track down the Organization to take them down. She found an Organization robe in Radiant Garden and traveled to Hollow Bastion in search of Malificent. Her first encounter with Malificent was a fight with Alice being forced to flee. She returned to Traverse town only to see that her town was overrun with heartless. She tried to defend her town but there was just too many. She found a boy who was in the middle of the street looking at what was happening. The gold thunderbolt embedd on his jacket showed that he was a thunder master. She appeared behind him and threw her keyblade destroying three of the heartless. She teamed up with the boy and together, they fended of the heartless. The two got acquainted with each other and Alice told Ken her mission. Ken decided to join her and to take down the Organization.

Weapon: Kingdom Key
-Key Throw
-Blade Rush
Theme Song:

Is this too short for your liking and is there any problems with it? I may make it longer later.

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