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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][5/9] sign up ends 6/17

Originally Posted by Eternal Moonlight View Post
Name: Leah Reed

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Class: Ace Trainer (Fire)

Specializations: Being an Ace Trainer, Leah is well-acquainted with the subject of Pokémon. She’s also a good photographer, which will serve her well in documenting her findings.


No joke, Leah looks quite like the typical member of the Lass class. However, there are key differences worth noting. Her outfit has a very Japanese school uniform look, with a short red plaid skirt and a crisp white shirt. The sleeves of said top are bordered with the same shade prominent in the skirt, and a matching neckerchief completes the look. To avoid any awkward situations, however, the girl has chosen to wear black tights, which reach down to her chocolate brown loafers. Most of her clothing has the same academic look, with nearly identical colours.

As for physical features, the girl has very light blonde hair. None of that golden stuff that litters fairly tales, her locks are much closer to white. They are thick and reach down past her shoulders, never to be tied in any way. A wispy chunk of bang falls dead between her haze coloured almond eyes.

In terms of accessories, Leah wears a silver watch around her right wrist. She also has pearl earings and a large satchel matching her shoes.

Personality: When picturing the stereotypical persona of a fire-type trainer, Leah is defiantly not the first character to come to mind. Out-spoken, energetic and confident aren’t accurate adjectives to describe her, not in the slightest. In fact, the girl is more of an observer then a speaker, rarely being the one to begin a conversation. She will respond if spoken to, however, expect quick, impersonal replies. Her voice, although monotone would be stretching it, isn’t very emotive and it is difficult to gage any personal feelings from the tone used. Facial features a better bet, although a stranger would have a hard time using that as well. In short, Leah does not read like an open book, and is quite skilled at hiding emotions. Behind her mask of “meh” lies a weary perfectionist who is desperate for approval. Good luck prying that out…

Fitting the Ace Trainer, the girl is very knowledgeable and has an undying curiosity. Being left in the dark about information and happenings does not suit her, expect attempts to rectify this. As such, Leah can be seen as a determined, hard-working individual, the latter being especially true. She is very demanding of herself, sometimes going to the point of exhaustion while studying or researching. Of course, this being coupled with her perfectionist qualities make for a volatile combination…

As one may expect, Leah is not one to rush into situations. She feels more comfortable thinking her moves through, and is a horrible improviser. Her lying skills are weak, which is compensated with bare replies or pure silence. This makes claims of her honesty valid, as the girl rarely does try to weave tall tales, knowing it will more-likely-then-not fail. And, Leah detests personal failure, but is oddly excepting of it when it comes from others.

Her long love of fire Pokémon stems from pure envy, she does enjoy their passionate, energetic and confidant qualities. That may be linked to her own repressed status…

History: Trying to peg Leah’s behavior on her past… would be a very accurate genre savvy move. Much of her social issues do stem from the way she was brought up and the experiences lived through.

In reality, the problem started almost immediately. See, her father was education happy, having risen from poverty into the well off class by working hard, and wanted his child to pursue her studies seriously. Her maternal parent also had the same philosophy, but was more of perfectionist than anything else. Thus, Leah was raised in a very specific frame, to an alchemically successful child.

Indeed, Leah was a good student. But not up to the standards that had been set for her, and was often met with dissatisfaction. Her parents weren’t abusive, that must be mentioned, but they were strict and very hard to please. Time other kids spent socialising and having fun were pooled into study, which ended up costing her most chances to make friends.

A lack of proper social contact made, despite her fairly normal appearance, the girl a target for bullies. It wasn’t anything terribly harsh, but the consistency of the teasing ended up taking its toll. Leah learned how to craft a mask, and was able to hide her emotions behind the wall of indifference. Eventually, the other grew tired of the lack of response and moved on. The girl, on the other hand, without the encouragement to speak up, didn’t.

As she grew older, getting parental approval was slipping beyond her capabilities. They, especially her mother, began expecting more and more. Verbal aggression wasn’t uncommon, but didn’t escalate to anything authorities would consider abusive. Still, Leah tried to gain a supportive “good job,” but those words didn’t come.

Learning about Pokémon was pleasant, she’d have to admit. During her early teenage years, fire types became her favourite, and the girl grew more interested in the creatures. She took up photography to cope with the growing familial and internal pressure, which ended up helping her compose the essay that got her accepted to the academy.
Leah was able to gain clearance to attend, but with much difficulty…

Start Pokemon: When Leah became an Ace Trainer, she was finally given the chance to own a Pokémon of her very own, which ended being a young Eevee. Axel, it is worth noting, wasn’t her name of choice, but was already assigned to him.

I like the story, you are approved.

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