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Ooc//: You guys can control the Digimon that came with Lydia if you want. C: Less for me to do, haha~ And, Dog of Hellsing, I gave the DigiDestined who owned the Birdramon and Monochromon a move each. I'll fix that if you need me to~

Lydia Applegate | Biyomon | Lopmon (Antylamon - Virus Form)
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Role: True DigiDestined under the rule of Anarcomon
Affected RPer's: Sheepat; Dog of Hellsing

The Arukenimon howled from the wounds IceDevimon inflicted on her the first time. She wouldn't be outdone. As she watched her partner, Mummymon, was wrestled to the ground by the pummeling Gaogamon. She hissed, raising her arms about to release another Spider Thread when IceDevimon swooped back down to lay the finishing blow on her feeble body. Her eyes bulged out as her body began to dismember itself into streams of data floating up towards the ice demon. She gave out one last hiss, trying to crawl away from her eminent fate as her body ceased to be no more.

Mummymon watched as his partner dispersed into the air as her data went along with it. His eyes furrowed and his newfound anger found a target. His breathing became rapid as he held onto the matted, blue fur of the wolf that hung on him like he was a piece of meat. His other arm hung loosely, but not for long. He pounded the ground beneath his fist and out of nowhere, data emerged to form his cherished gun - the Obelisk. With all of his might used Snake Bandage on the arm that contained the wolf, wrapping his way around the Gaogamon's body as his Obelisk towered down upon the wolf's head in one mighty blow.

Meanwhile, as Antylamon was rushing into the scene, her Treasure Axes at hand - literally - she felt pellets sting her side from a pesky Gargomon. She howled in anger, obviously displeased to see a Gargomon here, "Baby bunny wants a battle, eh?" She chuckled in obvious pleasure leaping off after the Gatling Gun buffoon, unaware of the attacks being fired at her from a nearby Monochromon and Birdramon.

As the attacks spiraled closer towards Antylamon, Lydia caught up. She gasped for air, hands on her knees as she bent over in obvious disarray. Antylamon was taking a lot out of her energy and she wasn't doing better being so far away from her tamer - as it took more out on her the farther she went. She glanced up, watching as a Meteor Wing and Volcanic Strike grew closer towards her demented rabbit. Lydia quickly looked down at her feathered friend, "Biyomon! Counterattack with Spiral Twister, now!"

Biyomon nodded, feeling worthy that Lydia acknowledged he was there. He fluttered upwards and yelled his signature move, "Spiral Twister!" A green, fiery spiral pummeled towards the fiery, exploding moves blowing Lydia and Biyomon backwards into one another and into some debris. Antylamon, oblivious to what happened behind her, continued her pursuit towards the building that sheltered the cream bunny.
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