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Default Based On

This is a challenging game which may even require some research!

The game is played by listing a Pokemon and then the next poster lists what animal or thing it is based on.


Poster One: Typhlosion
Poster Two: Badger. Ponyta.
Poster Three: Pony. Caterpie.

and so on.

You can typically find the origin of Pokemon at the bottom of it's Bulbapedia page.


6.1 Origin

The appearance of this Pokémon may be based on 
a variety of mustelids. It has a long and agile 
body, like weasels, 
though it is significantly larger and thicker 
than its pre-evolutions, giving this 
Pokémon a resemblance to badgers or wolverines. 
Its face is reminiscent of a honey badger 
or an American badger."
Easy right?

I'll start.

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