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Default Re: Moderator Applications Round 2 - Apply Now

Which board(s) are you applying for and why?
Pokemon Interactive Center.

What have you been involved in/accomplished at PE2K?
I have started "Minty's Shiny Contest", which will be distributing eggs as early as tomorrow.

What ideas do you have/what do you want to accomplish/change for the board(s) you applied for?
I wish to turn "Minty's Shiny Contest" into a monthly activity, in which forum members can win legendaries every month. I also wish to start up bi-weekly tournaments to win legendaries, and a breeding center, where members request what Pokemon they need for their Pokedex (Munchlax, Rufflet, etc.), and workers breed the Pokemon for them.

Anything else you'd like to add.
I've been a member here for two months, but I've been an active member. I come online every day, and make an effort to have at least one intelligent/ constructive criticism post every day.

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