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Pluto - New York City - Lone Wolf - ARP: None

The sound of clicking shoes on polished marble floors echoed throughout the hall as he paced through the room. No baggage claim or customs were necessary when you had the wealth. Moving swiftly past the common rabble, he headed for the exit, the fresh pale rays of morning sunshine hitting the glass windows ahead of him. He could see his car outside, the black Rolls Royce Phantom stood gracefully next to the doors, his footman spotted him and moved to the side of the car.

"You're late," spoke the commanding Scotsman, glaring at the frail old gentleman by the car, "I do not condone poor punctuality. Do not let it happen again, or you will cease to happen."

The footman meekly opened the back door of the Phantom, allowing his master to get in and seat himself, before closing the door and walking around to the front passenger seat that would remain his post until they arrived at their destination. The driver started the engine as the screen between the front & back of the car rose to give privacy to the figure in the back.

Seated comfortably in the back, the Scot's eyes drifted to the glass in front of him, now sealed off from his servants, the projector behind him now shone onto the screen, beaming the display from his gauntlet PC onto a larger scale. Now having access to the internet again, he brought up the BBC News channel, to see what perils had endangered the commoners whilst he was in the air.

"Breaking news from America," the well dressed and overpaid newsreader began, "there have been reports of explosions and paranormal activity in the Mid West. The strange creatures that have been spotted around the world appear to have entered the United States, though this is not yet confirmed. As of this time, Britain remains one of the few places where no such events have occurred."

He smirked. If only they knew about his pets. The Loch Ness Monster was a lot more real than they could have ever imagined.

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