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Default Re: Pokemon Anime TV Petition!

I wish the supporters of this the best. I would support this with more then just words after this current saga of the anime. Still, what I believe the anime needs is a set of writers that are able to create a show that has a great overarching plot with villains that will actually accomplish something. Something that the current saga of the anime does not have.

I believe there is nothing wrong with the current characters (Ash and company). I personally dislike having to start over with a new set of characters after each saga because eventually you just stop caring about them. That is what happen with me when it came to Digimon and Yu-gi-oh. With Pokemon, I can take a long break and come back knowing that Ash is still doing what he is doing and that there will be some good story and battles.

The one problem that I can see if this does become a regular anime is that it will be costly to make. The animation looks rather high quality and hard to maintain for so long. Good animation cost a good amount of money which is why a lot of long running series you see (EX: One Piece, Naruto, and Pokemon) tend to fluctuate with their animation.

Also, shouldn't this be in the anime section?
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