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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Otherwise if you can not make it on AIM, you can PM 3m0d0ll, Velocity, and I during the time the chat is going on. (Probably until an hour or so after it started) If we get your PM, we will go ahead and roll for you, so you can receive your pokemon.

I'm by no means trying to exclude anybody! D: If Skype/GTalk/whatever works best for the most of you, then I have no problem using that instead.

Dino, PM/IM me about the private chat room Justin set up?
So as it stands, noon and 2 work for one person, while 4, 6, and 8 work for two people.

If no one else has a time preference, it'll start at 6 my time and end around 7/7:30.

This is the room we'll be using: Please enter and have your PE2K username be the nickname you join chat with.
Alright, guys. c: It's starting now, click here to join:

Sign in using your PE2K username (if it starts with a letter, replace it with either the 1337 equivalent [3m0d0ll --> em0d0ll] or begin with an underscore [3m0d0ll --> _3m0d0ll]).

See you there, mates!
I need a new sig, uhg.
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