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Name:Cyroz Hurtigo

Appearence: He is a tall, muscular man, standing at 10 ft. He has rough features and colored skin. His eye that is not mechanical is dark green. A top quarter of his head is mechanical, making the eye a metal, laser shooting sphere. One of his arms and the part of his chest nearest is machanical. The mechanical arm is strong enough to break diamond. He has both mechanical feet with miny jet packs in them. One of this legs is completely mechanical, while the other is all skin. He wears a mechanical suit. His mechanical hand can become a mechanical laser machine-gun.

Personality: He shows much mercy if he hears the victims voice or looks them in the eye with his non-mechanical eye. He does not enjoy war so he has someone program him to attack. He is never smiling because grief fills him. He is always looking for another way, but ends up killing them. He is always trying to help the enemy, but he is not a traitor. He just want's the war to cease. He loves the feel of pain; he feels like he deserves it. He would sacrifice himself to save a young child or inaccent person. He burries the bodys he finds and gives them flowers in non-war time. He never
would harm a bistander even if he was programmed to.

History: Cyroz was born a normal boy. While visiting another planet for a field trip, Hyprokure attacked. He was on of the few survivors, but was missing most of his body. They replaced these parts with mechanical parts. He never wanted any war, but was drafted. His family was killed in the war as soon as they went. He went to establish defenses, but he was but into the battle field. He killed at least 200 in the short amount of time he was their. When the Xrosis attacked the ship, he was beamed up to help defend. He has, since then, tried to kill as little people as possible.

Place in army:Cyborg

What planet are you working for:Intov

Equitment: He carries no equipment because, well, he is equitment. He does, however, return items from dead bodies to their rightfull spiecies. So, at times, he has that equitment.

Powers: His mechanical eye can sense heat and lock on. Once locked on, it fires a laser that is 500 degrees farenhiet. This laser kills on contact.

His mechanical fist is stronger than diamond. It can punch through everything exept for flesh. He cannot punch through it, but he can crush them to death.

This hand can also morph into a rapid fire mini gun. This shoots the lasers from his eyes at 10 lasers per second. In 2 minutes, he could destroy a pyramid.

What are you smartest with?:I am smartest with technology. Mainly weapon technology. My systems can hack enemy weapons.
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