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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru saw Ashley give a nod in response to his words as Kiseki finally looked up from the ground.

"We need to find out why he's here and just go from there." She said as she leaned over to rest her head on Ichiru’s chest, bringing the Vampire to stroke her hair softly with his free hand.

Only a few minutes later, just when everyone was getting ready to finally go to bed, Damon returned, bringing the twins to look over to him to see that he was carrying a bloody and unconscious Diana.

"What happened?" Lexi beat the two to the question as shock became clear in hers, the twins’ and probably everyone else’s expressions.

"Kol is a Vampire, an Original Vampire. His siblings must be Originals too, and I bet you anything Aiden had lied to Kotomi to earn her trust. I also bet that they're all working together. They must want revenge on us or something." Damon answered after gently laying Diana on the couch and healing the wound on her neck, which was a bad bite mark. Even Kiseki scowled darkly at the response. Normally he was the last person to want to believe or think badly about someone, but things certainly didn’t look very good for Aiden’s real motive.

"We never should had come back." Ashley said as she began to pace back and forth. "What are we going to do?"

"I have no idea." Stefan responded with a shake of his head as Ichiru folded his arms, looking at the ground in thought.

“We should definitely stay on our guard, and it’s obvious now that no one should be by themselves for a long period of time…” Kiseki looked over to Ichiru as the older twin spoke.

“We’re up against four Originals… how are we supposed to deal with that?” He asked as Ichiru looked at him, not quite sure how to respond. Before, their battle had only been against one Original, and that had been hard enough. How were they supposed to get through this?

"Aiden! Where are you?"

A familiar voice filled the silent night air, bringing the red haired teen to look up from the water below. Although he had returned to his home earlier that day, he had quickly gotten bored and gone out for another walk, coincidentally ending up on the bridge again. This time, he sat on the railing instead of leaning against it, looking at the shining reflection of the moon in the water below as he thought about how he was supposed to convince the others to trust him. He could sense that something big would be going down soon, and something told him they would be a part of it - and that they would be in danger.

As the ginger turned around and jumped down from the railing, he heard a scream, which brought him to whirl around in the direction it had come from, the scent of blood greeting him instantly. Without another thought, Aiden shot toward the woods with his Vampire speed, following the scent until he noticed two figures in the distance. He recognized the scent of one of them, although the other was foreign; though he could tell by more than its appearance that it was a Werewolf.

Once he figured out that the Vampire being attacked was Kotomi, Aiden didn’t even have to think about his actions. His body seemed to act on its own as he reached the two, and he attacked the Werewolf without bothering to slow down, sending them both into a large tree nearby. His face had completely changed after he had realized who the victim was; his once silver eyes turning black as night as veins appeared beneath his eyes and fangs pierced his gums. He bared his fangs at the Werewolf, giving it no chance to retaliate to his assault before he ripped out its heart with one swift movement.

As the Werewolf’s body slumped to the ground lifelessly, Aiden quickly got up and rushed to Kotomi’s side. She had a deep wound on her stomach, which for some reason wasn’t healing itself like it should. Aiden assumed it was because she had recently consumed some type of Vervain, which stunted her healing abilities.

“Today just isn’t your day, is it?” He knelt down beside her and quickly healed the wound, gently scooping her up into his arms and rising to his feet. “I know you’re not able to go back on your own, so I’ll just carry you. That won’t be a problem, right?” He knew she had to be weak from the blood loss she had suffered from before he had gotten there, and didn’t want her walking back on her own. However, as he started back toward the town at a normal pace, his curiosity got the better of him as he looked at her in question, asking what was currently bothering him. “What were you doing out here by yourself this late at night, anyway…?”
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