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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][5/9] sign up ends 6/17

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Name: Quinn
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Class: Light Mage!
Specializations: Quinn has a special bondage of Normal-type Pokemon more than any other types. Even though Light Mages have more choices than Normal.
Appearance: (Even though he's a guy, real men wear pink!)
Personality: Quinn's more of a...shy kind of guy. He doesn't like to talk so much unless it's with family or close friends. Yet, he's very nice. He likes to do more for others rather than for himself. Unless it's someone who's been mean to him/one of his friends. Then he get's angry. He will try to do everything he can to stop the bully.
History: Quinn's always loved living in Kanto. It was his favorite place to live. But, his family had to move all over the place. From Kanto to Unova. He found a Cleffa one night in Mt. Moon when they used to permanently lived in Kanto. The Cleffa was very nice to him, as were the others, but that Cleffa in particular. He named it Virgo, after one of the constellations in the sky. He loves looking up at constellations on a clear night. After that, it seemed that his parents wanted to move all over the place. At least he had Virgo. But, every year, he'd make sure that they'd visit Kanto so Cleffa could see all of it's friends again.
Start Pokemon: Virgo/Cleffa (F) Obtained from Mt. Moon
Other: Derp. And Quinn likes to name his Pokemon after famous constellations in the night sky.
I would have liked a little more history, if its possible to add more please do.
Other then that your accepted

Originally Posted by most duded View Post
I would like a dark mage reserve please.
right now thats resereved, youll have to wait until after sunday to find out if we have any openings

Originally Posted by Phantasm.Angel View Post
Name: Eli Conner
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Class: Earth Trainer
Specializations: No powers, just lilí olí me.

Appearance: Eli is not what youíd expect the son of a dock worker to look like. Instead of being a burly, mass of muscle with no neck, Eli inherited heavily from his motherís end of the gene pool. Eli is one of the shortest kids in his class, and is so frail that a slight breeze will knock him over. His baggy sweatshirts conceal a frame comparable to that of a twig, and his faded blue jeans do the same for his knobby knees. Even with the hood up, Eliís piercing green eyes can be seen, but it does a spectacular job of hiding his mop of dirty blond hair, another gift from his mother. As you might have guessed from all the unassuming clothing, Eli is well-versed in blending into the background, a survival skill you learn early on as the runt. Even some of his friends have trouble remembering if Eli was present at an event or not.

Personality: Eli Conner does not want to make a fuss, or really be noticed in any way whatsoever. After all, most of the attention heís gotten in the past has been negative in the teasing, wedgie, and swirly vein. But just because he likes to stay out of the spotlight doesnít mean that Eli is completely unaware of others. Actually his history with tormentors and unassuming attitude has allowed him to be an excellent observer of others. Eli is very empathic, although this talent isnít often applied to the extent of say, a conversation with someone. But under the shy exterior, there is a stubborn, strong part of Eli. The main reason Eli wants to become a Pokemon trainer is to get away from the depressing life he has now and try to find his own path in the world, preferably one that can support his aging father.

History: As one could guess from the marriage of a high school drop out and a dock hand, Eliís parents didnít have an easy relationship. After Eli was born, his dad, Jacob, had to start working longer hours and doing more questionable jobs with the Vermillion City mob. One night, when Eli wasnít more than four, he was waiting with his mother at the bus stop for his father when it started to rain. Not wanting to give up on her husband in front of their son, Sheryl insisted that they wait for him even as the minutes turned to hours. As bus after bus passed them, the rain began to fall. Still, Eliís mother refused to stop having faith. She wrapped her son in her coat and took the downpour with her head held high. Half an hour later, Jacob showed up and they walked home under the cover of the manís leather duster. But the damage was already done, both Eli and his mother had developed pneumonia, but because of Sheryl giving him her coat, the little boy made it through, suffering for only a few weeks before recovering. His mother was not so lucky.

After Sheryl died, the hospital bills nearly finished off the rest of the Conners. But Jacob took on more jobs, and once he turned ten, Eli tried to help out. But even though he had heard about other boys getting jobs at the docks, nobody wanted a runt like Eli. Frustrated, Eli tried begging for a chance to prove himself, but it was all for naught. Desperate, on his way home, Eli snatched a touristís purse off of her chair while she enjoyed one of the few restaurants in the part of Vermillion with the nerve to call itself a cafť. Less than a block later, Eli was overcome with guilt and walked into an alley to throw up. After a bit of retching, Eli tried to find the woman to return the bag, but she was gone. Eli silently put the purse back on her chair and ran home, refusing to look back, refusing to believe anything except that she had come back and retrieved what he had taken.

Two years later, Eliís dad told him that he saved enough money to send his son to Viridian in order to become a Pokemon Trainer. Eli promised his dad that he would make him proud and would send home money so that Jacob could live an easier life.

Starter Pokemon: Meister the Machop
Eli met his Machop a few weeks after the purse incident. A couple of boys were threatening to drop Eli in a trashcan when a workerís Machop stumbled upon them. Adolescent males proved to be no challenge for the muscular Pokemon. After sending them running, Eli took the Machop back to his owner. He tried to thank the man, but he just waved the kid and Pokemon away, muttering that a Pokemon who wandered off during a job was of no use to him.

I hope this is an acceptable interpretation of what an Earth Trainer is.
great story ! i like your spin off the ground trainer

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