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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

As Ashley sat on the couch and gazed at the fire while thinking about the situation with Aiden, she saw Ichiru walk over to the couch and sat by her, the male Vampire putting an arm around her.

“Everything will be okay. If Kotomi trusts him, even if it‘s just a little, then he can‘t be too much of a threat.” Ichiru said, bringing Ashley to nod and give out a sigh just as Stefan returned to the group.

"We need to find out why he's here and just go from there." Ashley said, leaning to the side and rested her head on Ichiru's chest.

At the Mystic Grill, Diana was locking the backdoor for the night and making sure everything was in order before leaving, her being the only one there now. Normally the restaurant would had been open to at least midnight, but from her boyfriend's mysterious death, the town was still shocked as they ruled his death to be a serial killer's due to the fact seven others before him had been killed. The town then ruled there be a special curfew for town at exactly 10:15pm, everything shutting down.

Hours before the full moon began to rise Jeremy had stopped by the restaurant to give Mason the Moonstone that he needed, then Jeremy giving the young Werewolf a lecture about being sure to not lose this stone, to which Diana simply laughed. Mason was now home, doing his best not to lose the Moonstone that was in his jean's pocket.

After everything was checked, Diana walked out the main door from the Mystic Grill and locked it, a bag of food in her one hand for Kenny and her purse and keys in the other. Once the door was locked she turned around to walk towards the parking lot where her car was parked, only to nearly jump out of her skin when seeing Kol standing right behind her with a charming smile.

"Oh, hi." Diana said with a slight giggle.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Kol laughed.

"No it's fine. I just have to go drop off this food to my little brother and change into some different clothes. Do you mind waiting here for about ten minutes?" Diana asked.

"Yeah that's no problem." Kol shrugged.

"Okay cool." Diana began to walk away, but suddenly stopped and turned back around to look at Kol. "You should probably wait in the shadows or something. There's a town curfew right now which they take really seriously."

"Thanks for the head's up." Kol said, watching Diana turn and walk away again. He watched her car pull out of the parking lot and began to drive down the street, an evil smirk creeping onto his face once she was out of sight.

Diana pulled into the driveway of her house and turned off her car, walking inside where Kenny was anxiously waiting for her.

"Do you have my food?" Kenny asked in excitement, Diana chuckling as she handed Kenny the bag of food.

"Here. There's a burger, fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and spicy buffalo wings with a few small containers of ranch dressing, pasta sauce and ketchup." Diana said with a smile.

"Sweet." Kenny said, running up to his room. Diana talked to her parents for about a minute and then went upstairs herself, locking herself in her room and quickly getting ready. Normally people thought of her as the 'good girl' who always got good grades and did nothing wrong, but tonight she wanted to challenge that and see how far she would go.

Diana certainly dressed the part; after going through her closet she slipped on a strapless emerald green dress that clung to her body perfectly, showing off all of her curves that guys went crazy for. The shortness of length showed off her movie star legs as well, accompanying by three inch black high heels. She then took her hair out of the ponytail and let her curls naturally fall, though she took her curling iron and fixed a few so her hair looked perfect. Her outfit screamed 'reckless', which was exactly what she wanted.

The brunette then quietly walked downstairs and began to turn the doorknob, being so close to the freedom she desperately craved, but a soft groan from behind her brought Diana to freeze, turning around and seeing her parents standing there with both disapproving looks.

"And where do you think you're going while wearing something like that?" Jeremy asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

"I'm going to go meet a friend." Diana responded.

"Looking like that? You look like a stripper or a prostitute." Bonnie said. This outfit was certainly out of character for Diana, which very much confused her parents.

"I do not! I'm just having a girl's night out, that's all." Diana said defensively. Jeremy studied her for a few moments, a frown appearing on his face of hurt.

"You're lying, Diana. I can hear your heartbeat picking up. Why are you lying to us?" Jeremy asked; this was so out of character...

"I just... I'm going out to meet a boy, okay? He's new in town and wants to hang out." Diana said, protectiveness suddenly becoming apparent in Jeremy's eyes.

"There is no why in hell you're going out to meet a boy looking like that! I will not let my only daughter cheap herself to this level! Now go upstairs and change out of that ridiculous outfit because you aren't going anywhere, especially since there's curfew." Jeremy growled.

"Yeah, a curfew that you persuaded the town to have!" Diana yelled, storming up to her room and slamming the door. Bonnie put a hand on Jeremy's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down, the Werewolf looking at her.

"Is it too late to send her to military school?" Jeremy joked, to which Bonnie lightly laughed.

Up in Diana's room the young Witch paced back and forth in her room, infuriated by her parents. An idea suddenly came to her however as she glanced over towards the window, looking at the tree she would always use to climb down from. The curly haired brunette opened the window and climbed out onto the tree, doing her best to ease her way down. Since she was wearing high heels however she had lost her footing, finding herself falling quickly towards the ground as fear shot through her.

The pain from the hard ground never came however as she found herself in the arms of someone, opening her eyes due to closing them and saw Damon cradling her.

"Well hello." Damon said with a smirk.

"Put me down!" Diana hissed after a few shocking seconds, Damon placing down the young Witch. Damon studied Diana for a few moments, a frown coming on his face.

"What are you wearing?" Damon asked. This was Jeremy's argument all over again.

"It's none of you're business." Diana said, turning around and walking towards the street. Damon walked in toe with her, the two walking down the street together.

"So you're really going to go meet Kol looking like that?" Damon asked.

"Yup, and no one can stop me." Diana said.

"Wow. I honestly had a lot more respect for you than this." Damon frowned.

"I never asked for your respect." Diana growled.

"Well you're never going to get it by dressing like a wh*re." Damon blurted out the words before he could stop himself. Diana suddenly stopped walking, looking at Damon in rage as he turned to look at her.

"You have no right to judge me! Just go away and let me have my fun!" Diana then stormed away, though Damon didn't follow her. He watched her disappear around a corner, giving out an annoyed sigh.

Once Diana walked back to the Mystic Grill, Kol reminded where he was from before, though he was leaning up against the wall this time. When Diana approached him he looked at her from head to toe, instantly deciding that he was going to get her out of that dress sometime during the night and have his way with her before killing the young Witch.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Diana said with a smile, to which Kol smiled back.

"That's okay. You'll just have to make it up to me." Kol shrugged. Diana could see the lust in his eyes as he craved for her body, to which she smiled and took his hand.

"I'll just make it up to you sooner than later." Diana said, having been holding a set of keys that were for the Mystic Grill. She unlocked the door and led him inside, locking the door behind her and locked eyes with the young male next to her. As Kol looked into Diana's eyes his own began to dilate rapidly, using compulsion on her. An Original Vampire was able to compel any Supernatural being as long as the victim didn't have Vervain, and since the Vervain in Diana's body system had passed and she didn't have the flower on hand, she was the perfect target.

Kol used the compulsion silently, not saying a word as the compulsion flowed from him to Diana, the young Witch under his personal spell now. The two connected in a hungry kiss for each other as Kol pressed himself to Diana, the two walking towards the bar without breaking the kiss. Diana pushed herself up onto the bar's counter-top and pulled Kol on top of her, the two still never breaking away from their hungry kiss as they used their hands to feel each others body. Diana broke the kiss as she pulled off Kol's shirt, to which he pulled off her dress and revealed the black laced underwear and bra she wore.

"I know I shouldn't be doing this, but something about it feels so right." Diana breathed as Kol began to lightly kiss her collarbone. Kol then broke away, looking deep into her eyes again.

"I'm about to do something, and you're doing to enjoy it. Do you understand?" Kol began to use compulsion again.

"I understand." Diana said with a nod. Kol then leaned down and began to softly kiss Diana's neck, a few moments later letting his fangs piece out from his gums and sank them deep into Diana's neck. She gave out a low moan, lightly rubbing Kol's back with her fingertips. Her arm absentmindedly went behind the counter and her fingers brushed up against something, the young Witch picking it up and looking at it; Vervain flowers. Diana stared at the purple plant for a few moments, her eyes widening in both shock and horror when realizing what had happened. With a sudden burst of energy, Kol went flying across the room as Diana quickly jumped to her feet, pulling on her dress as fast as she could while locking eyes with Kol.

"So I see my compulsion wore off from then you touched that damn Vervain." Kol sighed as he stood up, blood dripping down from Diana's neck.

"How were you able to compel me? Vampires can't compel Witches!" Diana demanded.

"Oh, I'm a very special Vampire. I even masked out the fact that I'm a Vampire so you wouldn't sense it." Kol shrugged as he began to walk towards Diana.

"That's impossible. No Vampire could ever do that. Not unless..." Diana cut herself out at the realization, Kol taking this opportunity of shock to use his Vampire speed and run right in front of Diana. "You have to be an Original..."

"You are a very smart Witch. Too bad I have to kill you." Kol said, quickly leaning down and sinking his fangs deep into Diana's neck again, drinking fast and hard. "You should had listened to that Damon guy. It's obvious he deeply cares for you." Diana had no time to react, instead the world becoming a sea of darkness as she fell unconscious from the sudden blood loss. Kol supported her body in one hand, using his other to lightly rub his fingers against Diana's hips.

"Hey prick." Damon said, bringing Kol to quickly turn around, only to have a wooden stake pierce his heart. Since Kol was an Original then a wooden stake to the heart wouldn't kill him like it would for normal Vampires, but it would give Damon enough time to get Diana to safety. Kol's body fell motionless to the ground as the gray veins appeared all long his body with the familiar gray skin, though Damon caught Diana's unconscious body and cradled her into his arms. Diana's eyes slowly opened for only a brief moment, looking up at Damon.

"D-Damon?" Diana asked weakly.

"Now I know I shouldn't say 'I told you so' about Kol being dangerous, but well... I told you so." Damon said. Diana didn't say anything, simply looking to Kol's body and then back to Damon again.

"He's an Original." Diana whispered.

"Then we need to get out of here since he'll be waking up in an hour or so." Damon said as he began to walk with Diana still in his arms.

"Thank you, Damon..." Diana then fell unconscious.

Damon returned to the house just as almost everyone seemed to be getting ready to go to bed, the group looking at Damon in shock when he entered the house with Diana unconscious and bloody in his arms.

"What happened?" Lexi asked in shock as Damon brought Diana to the couch and gently placed her down, beginning to heal the wound as most of the group gathered around. Kotomi woke up right before Damon walked into the house and heard him come in, the young Vampire using her enhanced hearing to hear everything.

"Kol is a Vampire, an Original Vampire. His siblings must be Originals too, and I bet you anything Aiden had lied to Kotomi to earn her trust. I also bet that they're all working together. They must want revenge on us or something." Damon said, the wound on Diana's neck disappearing. Kotomi quietly crept out of her room and peered downstairs, seeing the condition Diana was in; it was bad.

"We never should had come back." Ashley said as she began to pace back and forth. "What are we going to do?"

"I have no idea." Stefan said as he shook his head. Kotomi quickly went back to her room and silently closed the door, slipping on a pair of shoes and jumping out her bedroom window. She needed to find Aiden and get some answers, the young Vampire not wanting to believe that Aiden deceived her.

She ran through the woods, trying to sense where Aiden would be. When she traveled deep in the woods she could feel a Supernatural being following her, to which she stopped and looked around in the darkness.

"Aiden! Where are you?" Kotomi yelled. The feeling of a Supernatural creature rapidly got stronger, expecting Aiden to emerge from the darkness; she was wrong. A gray Werewolf suddenly jumped from out of the bushes and caught Kotomi completely off guard, the animal slashing at Kotomi and deeply tore open her stomach and right leg with it's long, deadly claws. Kotomi let out a scream of pain, collapsing on the cold dirt as pain ran through her body. She looked at the Werewolf, this Werewolf not being Mason since he had the Moonstone, but this Werewolf lived in town and was unlucky to not have a Moonstone.

Before Kotomi fell asleep on Damon's lap earlier she had consumed some Vervain oil, to which was still pulsing through her body and was making it impossible to heal herself. She tried her best to crawl away but her wound was too severe, her own blood soaking the ground as the Werewolf angrily snarled at her. After a few moments it lunged at her again, this time with it's mouth wide open and going for Kotomi's neck for the kill.

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