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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [SU/DS][5/9] sign up ends 6/17

Name: Quinn
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Class: Light Mage!
Specializations: Quinn has a special bondage of Normal-type Pokemon more than any other types. Even though Light Mages have more choices than Normal.
Appearance: (Even though he's a guy, real men wear pink!)
Personality: Quinn's more of a...shy kind of guy. He doesn't like to talk so much unless it's with family or close friends. Yet, he's very nice. He likes to do more for others rather than for himself. Unless it's someone who's been mean to him/one of his friends. Then he get's angry. He will try to do everything he can to stop the bully.
History: Quinn's always loved living in Kanto. It was his favorite place to live. But, his family had to move all over the place. From Kanto to Unova. He found a Cleffa one night in Mt. Moon when they used to permanently lived in Kanto. The Cleffa was very nice to him, as were the others, but that Cleffa in particular. He named it Virgo, after one of the constellations in the sky. He loves looking up at constellations on a clear night. After that, it seemed that his parents wanted to move all over the place. At least he had Virgo. But, every year, he'd make sure that they'd visit Kanto so Cleffa could see all of it's friends again.
Start Pokemon: Virgo/Cleffa (F) Obtained from Mt. Moon
Other: Derp. And Quinn likes to name his Pokemon after famous constellations in the night sky.

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