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[Morimon-Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role: True Digidestined][Affected rpers: Popshakes {if you decide to control the Ogremon anyway}][I love how no one notices he's just thrown himself head first into this fight. XD]

Morimon roared, rage bursting out of him. He bounded toward a Ogremon, doging it's enourmous club a large feet, and jumped onto it's back. The Digimon whirled wildly in an attempt to throw Morimon off, ultimately ending up hitting the other Ogremon. Morimon growled and dug his small, blunted claws into the Ogremon's back.

Morimon's fur began to crackle and the air around him became heavy. In an impressive display of light and thunder, he let an intense blast of electricity loose on the rival Digimon. It was a Thunder Cannon attack, possibly Morimon's strongest, and it hit the Ogremon straight on.

It stumbled back, falling on it's comrade as Morimon jumped away. He growled menacingly as the two got up, stubling toward him in anger. Ogremon were always slow, both in brains and running. This shouldn't be too hard. He mock charged at them, veering away at the last second.

The first one skidded to a halt, the other crashing into him. They roared, coming around to attack again. Morimon jumped back, nearly getting stepped on, before taking a hard blow to the side from one of their clubs. He was knocked off his feet and winded.

The two Ogremon laughed so hard that one fell over. Oh yes, hilarious. You temporarily stopped a rookie. Congrats. Morimon thought bitterly, pulling himself to his feet. His fur crackled again and he let loose another blast of electricity, this time a Sonic Shockwave. The attack made use not just of electricity, but also wind. It hit one of the ugly green Digimon in the arm and they stopped laughting immediately, slowly coming toward him.

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