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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Which is why we haven't heard of you..." Kotomi leaned against the railing as well as she responded to Aiden. He was glad that she hadn’t refused to believe what he said and jumped to the conclusion like he was a bad person like everyone else did, but he knew that she was still wary of him. But of course, that was understandable. Had the situation been reversed, he would be the same way.

He noticed golden color arise in Kotomi’s aura all of a sudden as she looked away from him, bringing him to look at her in question. However, before he could question her about it, another voice broke the silence.

"Kotomi? Is everything okay?" Aiden looked in the direction of the voice simultaneously with Kotomi, seeing the male Vampire that she had left the Mystic Grill after.

"Everything is fine." Kotomi responded with a nod, looking back to Aiden as he left the railing and straightened himself, instantly noticing the wary look in the other Vampire’s eyes toward him.

"What's going on here?" He asked as he stood next to Kotomi.

"Damon, this is Aiden. He's, well... he's an Original, like Kevin, Elijah and Klaus." Kotomi answered, although before she or Aiden could say anything else, the other Vampire, who Aiden now knew as Damon, quickly pulled her behind him and stepped in front of her, giving the red haired teen a glare.

"Stay away from Kotomi and our friends. I don't trust any other Originals. Not what after Klaus had done nineteen years ago." He growled, bringing Aiden to finally scowl.

"Damon please! Aiden isn't a threat to us! He doesn't even know any other Originals, so she doesn't know Klaus!" Kotomi pleaded.

"That could all be a lie, Kotomi." Damon responded without taking his eyes away from Aiden. "Don't you think it's strange, Kotomi, that right after we come back to our home then an Original decides to come here too? I bet he's looking for revenge since we killed one of his brothers on purpose, and the other one on accident."

Aiden merely looked at him in surprise, having actually not known about another Original being killed. He was only familiar with the death of Klaus, and he knew Elijah was dead as well, but he hadn’t known who had caused it. However, before he could say anything in response to Damon, he wrapped his arm around Kotomi’s waist, beginning to lead her away from the Vampire.

"We have to meet our friends." He said, this time looking at Kotomi.

"You're right." Kotomi responded in a small voice before the two of them left, the dark haired girl giving Aiden one last glance. The ginger sighed, turning back around and leaning on the railing of the bridge to look down at the water. He could have gone after them and corrected the matter right then if he wanted, but somehow he knew it wouldn’t work. If he wanted to gain any of this group’s trust, it was obvious he would have to prove himself in some way. Being labeled as the bad guy right off the bat sure was annoying, though…

"What's wrong?" Back at the park, Ichiru and Kiseki turned to look at Isobel as she spoke, seeing that Kotomi and Damon had returned. The sight of the two of them safe brought Kiseki to give a soft sigh of relief, having not been able to shake his uneasy feeling from before. However, the looks on their faces looked to be anything but happy.

"We have a slight problem..." Damon spoke the words that both twins knew were coming as he looked at the group. "You know that guy with the red hair who was at the Mystic Grill before? Well his name is Aiden, and he's an Original Vampire..."
The shock at Damon’s words was clear on both Ichiru’s and Kiseki’s faces as they looked at each other, neither knowing what to say. They had sensed that Aiden was a powerful Supernatural creature, but they had never guessed that he would turn out to be an Original.

Several hours later, the group had returned to the Salvatore house, where everyone was currently relaxing, although the overall mood was still tense. It was almost like it was so peaceful that it was unnerving. Abigail and Scarlet were fast asleep in their room, and everyone else was gathered downstairs in the living room on the couches, except for Ashley, who had just gone to check on the girls, and Ichiru, who was standing by a nearby window. Although he had loosened up during their trip to the park earlier, after he learned that Aiden was an Original, the uneasiness had returned instantly.

"What are we going to do about Aiden?" The dark haired teen took his attention off of the window to look at Ashley as she spoke in a whisper.

"I'm thinking we should keep a close eye on him. It doesn't feel safe with him here, but if he's an Original then we can't just make him leave or even kill him." Lexi responded in a whisper as Ashley sighed in response.

"This was supposed to be a new beginning. Now we have to watch our backs; again."

"Kotomi seems to have trust him a little bit though, so I don't know what to actually do at this point." Damon responded as he looked down at the younger Vampire, who had fallen asleep on his lap.

"I just hope that everything will stay okay." Caroline said as Kiseki looked at the floor from his place on the couch beside her.

"I'm gonna go take a little walk." Damon said suddenly, bringing Stefan to stand up and walk over to his brother to gently scoop Kotomi into his arms and take her upstairs to her room.

"Do you want company?" Isobel asked as Damon stood up, though he shook his head.

"I'm fine. I promise I won't be too long." Damon answered before walking out of the house. Ashley took his place on the couch, her gaze on the fireplace as she sat there silently. Ichiru knew already that she was thinking about the situation with Aiden, as all of them probably were. He finally left the window to sit down beside her on the couch, putting an arm around her gently.

“Everything will be okay. If Kotomi trusts him, even if it‘s just a little, then he can‘t be too much of a threat.”
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