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Default Re: Hiring Website Staff

Originally sent this to Kevin seeing as we have spoken privately but seeing as the deadline was extended I thought I should post here too.

Name: Stacey.

AIM: I am on Skype alot do you could reach me there under the username of: staceymuscat.

What you are interested in writing for (whether it be news, anime episode reviews, a review on a single species of Pokemon etc): I would be most interested in writing News due to not watching the anime close enough anymore. Though I am open to writing other articles.

What makes you a qualified staff member: I held a good role at Pokemon Aus and was always coming up with plans to get the community closer together. Although, Aaron was the only person who posted on the news site I would regularly send him new videos I would find as well as running tournaments for the members of the community with the winning battles appearing on the main site. I had also planned for a League to start up and worked closely along side Jacinta (Speedy G, on the forum), but that's when Aaron decided to close the site.

Apart from Pokemon Aus. I personally work at EB Games (the largest games retailer in Australia) and am Second in charge of a Store. This allows me to always be up to date with games. I do get RSS feeds of PE2K as well as other Pokemon websites due to the loss of Pokemon Aus and am quite close with quite a few Pokemon Facebook Groups. I was an admin of Pokemon Melbourne (a group on fb) and managed to hold a 100 man Tournament earlier this year in an EB Games store. Seeing as I have since left the group I feel that being part of a new team is something I would love to do, especially if that team is the guys at PE2K.

(Note: I was Panda on the PokemonAusForum)