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Default .:UPDATE:. Pokemon Anime TV Petition! .:UPDATE:.

Okay, so, here's the thing you need to watch first: Clicky!

Now, I know that, perhaps, a large majority of you have already seen the video - this is about a month old. But, when you watched it, were you totally amazed by it? Do you want to see it turn into an actual Anime? Well, ZephyrSonic from YouTube has started up a petition to request that the creators and producers of Pokemon look into the idea of making this an Anime targetted at a more mature audience.

The Petition Video is here and the petition itself is here. Please sign the petition if you agree, I personally think it would be a great idea.

What do you guys think? I was quite blown away by this video, did anyone feel the same way? Anyway, I can guarantee that I will be getting Pokemon White 2 now xD

Let us discuss!


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