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Default Re: ▌▌a sprite shop ► Sαm & Diŋo

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Base: Arcanine
Fuse With: Luxray

If the volcano it makes its home become dormant, many migrate to a new one.
They often cause giant clouds of smog and smoke to rise into the air causing harsh lightning storms.

Originally Posted by Starbom View Post
Lol whats with how dull your inferno pallet is? :o
In that particular example I dulled it down in order to give it a brown color. I have the normal pallet elsewhere.

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
And a retype of Servine to Flying? (I must have the set!)

Type: Flying
Base: Servine
I'll hope to have this one by the weekend.
I feel bad that I skipped and saved yours for later...
So have a cookie.

Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Base: Lugia.
Edits: Can you make it look like a jungle statue, all stony and mossy?

This statue seems to have been abandoned long, long ago. Yet it's ruby eyes still gleam as if they had been polished. Curious...

(This was fun to do. :D I may make it a special edit! I can make a stand for it if you would like.)


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