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OoC: (to Popshakes) Derp... sorry was only scanning over the posts. I'll edit that and be more careful XD

Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
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Other Tamers had joined the fray, fighting. An Antylamon had struck at Angle and Terry, not seeming to be aiming for either, so they managed to avoid. The Mammothmon was all Lexin's, however, and he watched as Angle used his Hand of Fate attack, a beam of pure light blasting from his fist, right into the Mammothmon. It was hit, skidding a few feet, before trumpeting. It had briefly interrupted a Myotismon vs Myotismon duel, and it was cut a bit from the chaos of that fight. Angle then held his hands as if holding a staff, and out of thin air the weapon appeared, the Angel Rod. He flew down, smacking it on the Mammothmon's head.

Meanwhile, Terry had decided to target the Antylamon, firing round after round at the evil bunny rabbit. The Gargomon knew he was at a complete disadvantage, as the way those Treasure Axes were spinning seemed that it was quite skilled. Lexin watched from behind the house.

“Terry, get back here,” he suddenly said.

Confused, the Gargomon stepped back.

Young Virtik watched the countless battles unfold, keeping Terry close, either for protection or for a sudden attack. Angle himself was flying above, striking at the Mammothmon like a wasp, always feinting and poking, never striking a decisive blow. An observer, like his Tamer.

Terry had watched as the Antylamon stopped suddenly, then sprung back into action.

“A weakness...?” Lixen wondered, staring at the Digimon, “Angle! Get that Antylamon! Leave the Mammothmon to Terry!”

Angle nodded, dodging a sudden charge from the ancient elephant, and flew at high speeds at the Antylamon, energy glowing in his hand, preparing to fire a Hand of Fate. He put out his hand, and let the attack loose.
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