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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Springfield, Ohio, United States
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: CM

Shitai paused, sensing a wisp of something…Digimon, nearby. She glanced back at Quetzalmon, who raised his head and peered around. It took him a moment to pick up on those that were approaching, thanks to the overwhelming presence of the battle going on a scant several miles away. He looked back the way they’d come and mumbled, “They’re coming from behind us. I can’t tell how many, or what levels, but there are a few at least. If we wait they’ll catch up in a few minutes.”

“Waiting wastes time,” Shitai replied, starting back in the direction they’d come from. Quetzalmon made a soft noise of hesitation, but followed without further complaint. They traveled for maybe five minutes before Shitai noticed two young woman walking towards them, one with black hair and one with blonde. The blonde looked younger and the black-haired one had an eye-patch over one eye. She couldn’t quite make out their Digimon, other than what appeared to be a Gatomon; the others were hidden behind the humans and blended with the shadows of the night. Not for the first time, she cursed the cataracts that dimmed her vision and made it hard to see at night, especially when there were few street lights to cast any helpful illumination.

“Shitai…we aren’t going to fight, are we?” Quetzalmon asked, his voice tiny and faint. Shitai shot him a venomous glare that caused him to reel away from her, flinching as his wings flattened against his skull.

“Just shut up,” the girl hissed, not wanting their new “friends” to overhear. “You’ve fought Ultimate levels before and won easily, quit acting like such a weakling. We will fight if I say so.” However, Shitai wasn’t planning on starting any kind of battle just yet. Even though Quetzalmon was indeed capable of handily defeating Ultimates (even though he couldn’t Digivolve for some reason, he had the strength of an Ultimate himself thanks to weeks of absorbing data from weaker foes), Shitai didn’t want to jump to that just yet. She would instead try to gleam some information from these “Tamers”, as a lot of the DigiDestined called themselves, and see if they were even worth wasting time on. If they could only achieve Champion level, the effort wasted fighting them wouldn’t be worth the end result.

Starting off again, Shitai decided to start this game with a bit of probing. When she grew close enough to speak without having to yell, the young woman greeted the others with, “Are you going to join the fight? We were on our way in that direction, but Quetzalmon picked up on you guys, so we decided to fall back to meet you. Good thing you weren’t too far behind us or we might not have realized you were there.”
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