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[Morimon-Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role:True Digidestined][Affected rpers: Popshakes, possibly Dog of Hellsing and Sheepat]

Morimon could hear the dull roar of battle as he approached the Digimon he had sensed earlier. His lightningrod ears twitched as he bounded across the rooftops toward the fight. His muscles were tense and his fur crackled with electricity. Every one of his six tails splayed in a fan behind him.

As he reached the next rooftop, a particularly high one, he could see the battle. A Mummymon, Mammothmon, Arukenimon, a few Ogremon, two Myotismon locked in combat, and an Antylamon. He growled involuntarily at seeing the Ogremon and Antylamon.

He could already smell the stench of the Ogremon. Their horrid smell assailed his nose and he almost gagged. He shook his head, trying to focus. 'This is the time for me to send a message to Anarcomon. That he can't mess with the worlds without a fight.'

Morimon let out an incredibly loud roar. It sounded halfway between some large lizard, like a dinosaur or dragon, and a thunder boom. Bolts of electricity shot from his body and charged the air with a heavy feeling. Morimon leaped off the rooftop with an amazing, almost soaring, movement.

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