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Crystal Momoyia
Pallet Town, Kanto
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Crystal sighed heavily, stroking the only non-nicknamed Pokemon on her team. The soft fur was a reminder that she wasn't alone at the moment. Whenever the cat-like Pokemon was near it seemed like there was a sense of peace. But even so her mind was still racing even with the comfort of a companion. She didn't like that she was lying to her older sister, who was so busy studying this new condition that appeared. She again sighed, closing her eyes to rest them.

"You keep sighing like that and someone is going to think you have something heavy on your mind," the feline next to her said, shifting a bit so she can place her head on her trainer's shoulder.

"But I do, Persian," Crystal replied. "I don't like going behind Keynoma's back. She deserves to know, but I also don't want her worrying about me when she finds out."

Persian turned her gaze upward. The two were currently in the fields just outside of Pallet Town near the Momoyia household. They had come here to rest. Before they would take naps out here, but since neither could no longer sleep they just came here to rest both physically and mentally. Or at least attempt it in Crystal's case it seemed.

"I'm not sure what to tell you. You'll know what to do when the time is right."

Crystal rested her hand on Persian's head, stroking the cat's fur with her thumb. "I hope so, partner. I hope so."
(OoC: I do apologize for the shortness and the lameness. But at the moment I'm brain-dead and wanted to post something. And really I have no idea where anyone is going or what to do so here is my lame attempt at posting something.)
Crystal Momoyia

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